BusinessGreen's Most Read of 2019

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From Dragon Islands to paper beer bottles, here are our top ranking stories of the year

Thanks to an upswing in political, corporate and public interest in all things green, this year BusinessGreen attracted more readers and subscribers than ever before. Here are the top 10 stories from the year, based on the number of readers.


1. Paper beer bottles? Carlsberg toasts 'world first' sustainable drink packaging designs

Brewing giant unveils Green Fibre Bottle made from sustainably-sourced wood fibres, which it claims is fully bio-based and recyclable


2. ‘Irreversible decline: How EVs and renewables could soon kill off a huge chunk of oil demand

Renewables and EVs on course to replace 40 per cent of demand for oil in next 25 years, according to new BNP Paribas analysis


3. Shell cuts ribbon on first 150kW forecourt charger

New ultra-fast charger at Battersea petrol station promises to deliver up to 80 per cent charge in around 10 minutes


4. Rolls Royce: Mini nuclear reactor vision backed by government and industry

UK Research and Innovation has confirmed an initial investment of £18m in a programme to design a compact nuclear power station


5. Loop: Consumer goods giants launch global recycling service

Unilever, Nestle, P&G, PepsiCo, and many others join with TerraCycle to launch Loop, a service enabling household collection of empty packaging for refill or recycle


6. Beyond Meat burger review: The plant-based patty that's almost too good for this vegetarian

Long-time vegetarian and BusinessGreen deputy editor Madeleine Cuff has finally sampled the meatless, 'bleeding' burger - here's what she thought


7. 'Infinite play': Adidas launches trade-in project for old sneakers and clothes

Sportswear giant is hoping to reduce its environmental footprint through a pioneering new take-back scheme


8. Plan A chief Mike Barry to step down from M&S

Pioneer who has spearheaded M&S's market-leading sustainability strategy for 12 years will leave the company on 30 June


9. Goodbye Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon…Hello 'Dragon Energy Island'

New plans for a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay are 'credible and financially viable', according to report for Swansea Council


10. What Paul Polman did next: Former Unilever CEO to lead new sustainability foundation

Paul Polman confirms plans for new organisation called Imagine which will focus on combating climate change and poverty

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