myenergi Ltd

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Company Name: myenergi Ltd

Headquarters: Church View Business Park, Binbrook, Lincolnshire


Headcount: 27 full-time, 3 part-time

Profile: myenergi's eco-friendly products are designed to support domestic and commercial self-consumption of energy and a national decrease in grid reliance that will in turn help reduce the energy sector's carbon footprint.

The company describes its aim as being to help businesses and homeowners save money through reducing their energy bills and ultimately become part of a sustainable future.

It provides a range of products for domestic properties and provately owned renewables products that helps customers ensure micro-generated energy is consumed on site. It supplies tens of thousands of properties nationwide and now globally.

The range of energy control products "boasts British design, compliance and the latest eco technologies", helping to optimise both energy use and electric vehicle charging in order to maximise returns from renewables installations.

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