NVP Energy

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NVP Energy

Company Name: NVP Energy

Headquarters: London, Dublin and Galway

Website: www.nvpenergy.com

Headcount: 12 people

Profile: NVP Energy is a clean-tech company that has developed a unique, energy positive and carbon neutral technology that treats low strength wastewater at ambient temperature whilst producing a high-quality biogas by-product that is 100 percent available for reuse on-site.

NVP Energy's unique technology can transform wastewater treatment from a high operating cost into significant savings for end-users in the food and drink industry. This smart business solution reduces wastewater treatment costs while generating energy, creating gains for both clients and the environment.

This technology can apply to sectors including dairy, meat processing, brewing, distilling, malting, beverage and bottling and has been deployed by global food and drink brands such as Heineken, ABP Food Group, Welsh Water, Graincorp & Arrabawn Dairies.

NVP Energy has developed a revolutionary solution to solve the industrial challenge of sustainably treating wastewater.

With offices in London, Dublin and Galway, NVP Energy's business proposition already has a global reach and the company is currently expanding beyond the UK into Europe and the US.

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