Net zero buildings and green retrofits: What is needed to deliver on the ground?

BusinessGreen staff
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VIDEO: Experts offer advice, discussion and real-world case studies looking at how to slash emissions from existing buildings


The latest BusinessGreen webinar will explore how efforts to accelerate the roll out of green building retrofits and slash emissions from existing buildings are advancing, providing unique insights into how organisations have successfully cut emissions across their properties.

Accelerating the rollout of energy efficient, green building retrofits and smart energy technologies is one of the UK's most pressing challenges, both from a climate point of view, as well as a social and energy security point of view, and the urgency of the situation has only become greater in the wake of the global fossil fuel energy crisis and the soaring cost of bills.

BusinessGreen's latest online webinar last week attempted to drill down into this critical issue by bringing together a host of leading experts from across the building and energy efficiency sectors in order to provide real world advice on how to successfully deliver green retrofit projects and maximise the resulting cost, emissions, productivity and health benefits.

Hosted in association with Equans, a leading provider of energy services, the session also offered an exclusive insight into a series of cutting-edge projects in north-east England, which are slashing emissions and energy costs from public buildings and social housing projects, saving taxpayers money and providing a best practice template for other public and private sector organisations to follow.

The invaluable free webinar was chaired by BusinessGreen editor in chief James Murray, with input from Newcastle City Council's senior climate change specialist Tim Rippon; Heather Buchanan, co-founder of Bankers for Net Zero; Equans director of sustainability and innovation for the north of England region, Tim Wood; and Northumbria University's carbon manager Keith Slater.

A recording of the webinar can be watched back in full above.

This webinar was sponsored by Equans.

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