Net Zero Nature: How AI can save the planet

BusinessGreen staff
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VIDEO: Top experts from WWF UK, Satelligence and the Land Life Company discuss the new frontier for satellite technologies in helping fight destruction of the natural world

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be a game-changer in the battle to reverse climate change and the degradation of nature.

Already today there are 900 earth-observing satellites, coupled with an emerging network of ground-based sensor technologies, tracking everything from the planet's ecosystems and atmosphere, to the chemicals that permeate our soils and the migratory patterns of wildlife. These new data streams and physical models offer uncharted opportunities to develop new climate solutions, land management practices, water security, environmental justice and predict air and groundwater pollution. Ultimately they could slow species extinction, and optimise nature for human wealth, health and well-being.

At BusinessGreen's recent Net Zero Nature summit, several leading experts and business figures joined together for a discussion about the potential of these new technologies, the challenges they and nature face in halting further degredation of the natural world, and whether by harnessing satellite surveillence companies can help to combat threats posed to their supply chains. 

Featuring WWF UK's nature and spacial finance lead Susanne Schmitt; Niels Wielaard, CEO of Satelligence, which monitors agricultural commodities to help combat supply chain risk; and Rebekah Braswell, co-founder and CCO of Land Life Company, a firm focused on helping reforest degraded land, the fascinating discussion can be viewed again above, and is also available on demand on the Net Zero Nature website.

All of the panel debates, keynote speeches, and presentations from BusinessGreen's recent Net Zero Nature summit event - which took place on 27 May and featured scores of top speakers from business, politics and academia - are now available to watch again on demand for those who have signed up to the event through the Net Zero Nature website and on Swapcard.

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