Net Zero Nature: Planetary health and human health

BusinessGreen staff
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VIDEO: Leading experts from Forum for the Future, Walgreens Boots Alliance, GSK Consumer Healthcare and Hansen and Ersbøll Agenda discuss the relationship between human health and the state of the planet's climate and natural world

Increasing scientific evidence demonstrates climate change and nature loss are impacting the world and human health in many ways, including extreme heat contributing to deaths from diseases, increased spread of infectious diseases and air pollution exacerbating respiratory diseases.

With social and environmental triggers rising, driving up the incidence and unpredictability of infections, what lessons can we glean from the global pandemic? What can we do to avoid further global health crises as we 'build back better'? And how can we help patients and healthcare providers overcome barriers to accessing healthcare, and drive resilience through action?

At BusinessGreen's recent Net Zero Nature summit, a host of leading figures and experts sat down try and tackle some of these urgent questions on the relationship between human health and wellbeing, and the state of the planet's climate and natural world. 

Featuring Forum for the Future CEO Dr Sally Uren, Hansen and Ersbøll Agenda partner Charlotte Ersbøll, Walgreens Boots Alliance's VP for corporate social responsibility Richard Ellis, and GSK Consumer HealthCare's sustainability VP Sarah McDonald, the fascinating discussion can be viewed again above, or it is also available on demand on the Net Zero Nature website.

All of the panel debates, keynote speeches, and presentations from BusinessGreen's recent Net Zero Nature summit event - which took place on 27 May and featured scores of top speakers from business, politics and academia - are now available to watch again on demand for those who have signed up to the event through the Net Zero Nature website and on Swapcard.

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