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Meteor Power Limited has delivered a series of innovations in the field of electric powertrain technologies in recent years. But it is also part of a consortium focusing on the development of two key innovations that are designed to massively improve the efficiency and performance of all vehicles.

Firstly, the company is working on smart aerodynamic optimisation technologies. Currently, most aerodynamic changes, whether adjusting the pitch of an aircraft propeller or a rear spoiler on a car, require some kind of mechanical device. But Meteor Power is working on a new material that can be 'programmed' to change shape when an electrical current is applied, i.e. it is the material itself that changes shape rather than being moved to a new position.

The company predicts that automatic pitch changes for aircraft propellers, for example, could increase efficiency and reduce drag and open up new opportunities for aviation. Simple automotive aerodynamics could completely change vehicle design forever, the company claims.

Secondly, it is seeking to apply a new material to tackle the drag that remains a significant problem with all vehicles, whether aircraft, trucks or cars, and has a direct impact on range and performance.

Meteor Power says its new material forms an invisible barrier that repels air flow when an electrical current is applied, reducing drag and allowing a vehicle to cut through the air more efficiently.

The technology could have significant applications, from aircraft wings to car bodywork or even passenger trains, delivering significant fuel efficiency gains in the process.

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