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Company Name: PassivSystems

Headquarters: Newbury Business Park, Berkshire


Headcount: 50 people

Profile: PassivSystems has developed an award-winning home services platform which provides an online smart heating service, enabling households to control their heating and hot water remotely using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The system uses learning algorithms and an external weather feed provided via the internet to develop a physics model of how to deliver comfort at least cost. The system consists of a hub with data collection, computing and control capabilities which maintains a connection to cloud storage and data processing via the internet.

The hub feeds to the PassivPro portal, a secure, scalable, cloud-based IoT home energy services platform enabling complete of the performance of the energy assets. PassivPro supports a range of applications with immediately deployable solutions for free-standing heating systems, hot water, district heating, heat pumps and rooftop solar PV.

The combination of smart heating controls and the PassivPro portal enables PassivSystems to aggregate and demand manage the network loads for superior energy efficiency. Thanks to this technology, PassivSystems can actively manage demand peaks to flatten the demand profile across a portfolio of buildings, it can also lower energy usage, reduce running and system repair costs and achieve better energy efficiency.

The system is designed to allow asset owners and businesses to get better value for money while reducing their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

PassivSystems was founded in 2008. In 2010, it was the first company to launch a smart thermostat that allowed consumers to remotely control their heating. In 2015, it became the UK's first residential solar PV asset management services business and in 2016 it launched the world's first predictive load management service for optimising CHP equipment on residential district heating networks.

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