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Company Name: Energy SRS Ltd

Headquarters: Twickenham, London



Profile: Energy SRS Ltd was formed in 2013 to develop a zero emission, sustainable, utility scale, energy storage technology that helps to support system inertia and secure the increased integration of electrical power from sources such as wind and solar farms.

The company has been granted patents in the US, Australia, and pending imminently in Europe, to support their technology that is currently under development.

In collaboration with four UK companies, Bayliss Consulting, UK Power Reserve, Caley and the Marriott Drilling Group, and the University of Bristol, Energy SRS leads an Innovate UK approved project.

The GENSSIS project — which stands for Gravitational potential Energy Storage & Synchronous Inertial Stability — aims to design, construct and install a large-scale demonstrator for industrial validation.

The demonstrator has a target output of 3.4 MW and a storage capacity of 1.2MWh's for installation in a grid connected working environment to validate the concept. To achieve the required level of energy density the demonstrator will involve the deployment of approximately 470 tons of mass within a purpose built borehole.

The project has introduced and blended many existing proven technologies to function in a completely new area of operation, including heavy lifting and borehole technology from the offshore oil and gas industry to provide cutting-edge solutions.

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