Zyba Ltd

Credit: Zyba Ltd

Credit: Zyba Ltd

Zyba Ltd and BioRock have come together to provide the world's first eco-based coastal protection that also generates revenue through renewable electricity sales.

Zyba's core clean technology is a curved paddle (called "CCell") that both harnesses and dampens the energy within ocean waves to generate electricity. The curved paddle is an inherently strong composite structure, with a simple biomimicry design that maximises energy capture yet allows the device to shed power from extreme waves. CCell has the highest power to weight ratio for any known wave energy device.

BioRock has been used for over 20 years by the Global Coral Alliance to restore coral reefs, but its use has been hindered by a lack of electricity offshore. BioRock uses an electrolytic technique to extract calcium and lime from the water, forming natural concrete. The core of BioRock is a steel mesh constructed from rebar and scrap, with the process requiring a small electric current as a catalyst. BioRock accelerates coral growth by eight times, with enhanced recovery twenty times faster than in nature.

Together these technologies form an active breakwater. CCell has an immediate impact on the wave intensity, while BioRock grows to form a permanent reef structure 


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