Tevva Motors

Credit: Tevva Motors

Credit: Tevva Motors

Tevva Motors is the world's leading developer of extended-range electric trucks (EREVs) and is also developing sophisticated software for autonomous vehicle pollution management in urban and environmentally-sensitive locations.

Tevva's technology offers the operational performance of conventional diesel trucks with dramatically lower (or zero) emissions at lower cost than conventional trucks.

The electric drivetrain uses on-board recharging (where needed) to provide unlimited range and optimised use of the battery.

Tevva's technology can be used in new build trucks or replace the engine/drivetrain in existing vehicles from 7.5t to 18t or more.

Tevva has patented significant innovations creating an advantage over new entrants in the market. These include:

  • Cloud based software to map the expected route for the day and automatically control the range extender so as to  optimise use of the battery, charge at the most efficient time and ensure zero emissions where required.
  • Using the generator to change the speed of the range extender, thereby avoiding any transient emissions (bulk of emissions in modern diesel arise from making rpm and power output changes)
  • Patents pending include: .
    - controlled run down of the battery to ~10 per cent on return to base
    - use of glycerine as a fuel
    - control of the range extender based on real-time pollution data

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