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Renovagen's RAPID ROLL plug & play portable solar hybrid power system offers clean, affordable power anywhere.

This patented technology enables commercial scale off-grid renewable energy to be deployed in a few minutes from a trailer, using a unique flexible solar field which "unrolls like a carpet". The RAPID ROLL offers up to 10 times the power capacity, much faster deployment, and vastly improved ease-of-use compared with rigid solar panel alternatives.

The system is extremely flexible, with instant selection between off-grid and grid-connected, single-phase and three-phase (industrial) modes of operation. The RAPID ROLL unit can run in hybrid with a diesel generator to provide uninterruptible power whilst optimising the fuel savings achieved compared with running the genset standalone (typically delivering 40 per cent to 80 per cent plus fuel savings).

The RAPID ROLL also acts as the core of a smart micro-grid - enabling multiple RAPID ROLL units to work together in parallel in a distributed fashion and to integrate seamlessly with other solar and wind generation in a deployable camp.

The RAPID ROLL enables humanitarian organisations, remote military bases, mining exploration sites, and events/festivals to generate self-sustaining power locally and reduce reliance on the expensive and sometimes dangerous transportation of diesel fuel.

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