Future Jobs: How upcyclers are making old office furniture new again

Michael Holder
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VIDEO: Staff at Rype Office turn old desks, chairs, and carpets into new office furniture, saving money and delivering environmental benefits

Making sure our products and materials can be used again - rather than going to waste - is good for for both businesses and the environment. That is the premise that underpins the concept of the 'circular economy', an emerging sector the government estimates could deliver £23bn a year of benefits to UK businesses if resources were used more efficiently.

For example, one third of our office furniture - 300 tonnes per day - ends up in landfill.

Rype Office is one company hoping to change that. The firm creates sustainable furniture from items that would otherwise get thrown away and is employing 'upcyclers' across its growing business to help turn the circular economy vision into a reality.

BusinessGreen went to visit the company and the people who turn old desks, chairs and carpets into brand new office furniture.

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