Four ways your business can save energy you hadn't considered


From hunting vampires to introducing more plants, top tips to cut workplace energy consumption

Whether it is messages coming out of the government, the media or your own social conscience, it is hard to avoid the pressure to make your business greener and more energy efficient. This is of course easier said than done, and although you know that you may well be wasting energy on a daily basis, knowing how to tackle the problem is an altogether different challenge.

However there actually a number of surprisingly simple steps you can take to bring those energy overheads down, saving money and doing your own little bit to save the planet as well. Read on as Factory Direct Flooring take you through their top four tips.

Hunting vampires

Don't worry, you don't have to go all Buffy the Vampire Slayer on employees wasting energy, but instead hunt the vampire appliances that are lurking in the corner of every room. An appliance can be considered a 'vampire' if it feeds on a small amount of power even when switched off or in stand-by mode.

Everything from TV sets, mobile phone chargers and wireless routers are examples of vampire appliances, and although they may not consume much individually, when added together they could be adding hundreds of pounds onto your energy bills.

Not sure which devices are vamps? A good trick is to feel them for warmth when they are supposedly off. If they are warm to the touch then they are consuming a small amount of energy, while if there is a light illuminated then that is another clear indicator.

Invest in office plants

I know what you're thinking, what have office plants got to do with saving energy? Well believe it or not, introducing office plants into your workplace can actually go a long way to reducing your reliance on air conditioning.

This is because plants are nature's humidifiers, releasing 90 per cent of their moisture into the air via a process known as transpiration. This increased humidity makes the air feel cooler, while further benefits include cleaner air and improved team morale.

Don't wait until the end of the day to clean

Most businesses employ cleaners to come in at the end of the day when everyone has left - however this means the lights and heating are left on for longer than they would be anyway. With this in mind, why not try and get the lion share of the cleaning done during the day so you don't have to use all of that extra energy?

If this isn't possible for one reason or another, ask that your cleaning team go one floor at a time, switching the lights on and off as they go to avoid everything being on at once. You should also prompt them to turn off any 'vampire' appliances that may have been left on by staff trying to get away from the office as quickly as possible.

You're standing on one of them

When we think about saving energy we always look to the windows, lighting or other electrical devices - but what about the floor you're standing on?

A poorly insulated floor can be just as much of a waste of energy as many other things, so it is worth investing in a company who know is going to deliver first class results.

What are your tips for saving energy in the workplace? Let us know in the comments section - the simpler the better.

This guest blog was written by John Rooney in partnership with Factory Direct Flooring - a leading online flooring retailer who specialise in engineered and solid wood flooring

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