Eight Simple Ways Business can Save Energy


Saving energy should be as important for your business as making a profit. Here are eight easy ways you can do just that

Saving money should be as important as making profit for every business all over the world, but unfortunately it is something that is neglected all too often.

However, reducing the energy they use does not have to be difficult or expensive. Read on as the energy efficiency experts at SolarTech offer eight simple ways your company can save money.

Unplug all chargers

Most chargers, be they for phones or laptops, consume a small amount of energy even they not plugged into the device. They are just some of the various electricals that are known as 'vampire' appliances - named as such due to the energy they feed on when not in use.

A good way to tell if a device is using power is to feel it for warmth, while they will often be identifiable by a small light as well.

Switch off all devices

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is incredible how often businesses (and homeowners) neglect to take this simplest of measures. Whether it is from laziness or sheer ignorance to the cost, failing to switch off devices that aren't in use can add hundreds or even thousands of pounds to annual electricity bills.

A standard desktop computer for example will use 0.1kWh of energy when idling, which is about 1.4 pence. If that computer is left on for two hours when not in use then it adds 2.8 pence a day. Not much then, but if you're a large organisation with 100 desktop PCs, all of which are left on for two hours per day unnecessarily, then that costs a whopping £728 every year (based on 52 five-day weeks).

Avoid screensavers

It's unrealistic to expect people to turn off their PCs every time they leave their desk, but make sure that the proper power settings are applied and avoid using screensavers, as these are far less energy efficient.

Turn down the thermostat

Turning down the company heating by just 1° can make a big difference to your company's annual bill. Encourage staff to wear jumpers or cardigans during the winter (or perhaps include them in your company uniform) to ensure you don't have to use the heating more than necessary.

Purchase indoor plants

It is important for the wellbeing of employees that the appropriate temperature is maintained, and in summer that may well involve air conditioning. However, did you know that plants can actually act as natural air conditioners? The moisture that they give off as a part of their respiratory cycle increases air humidity and makes it feel cooler - not to mention improve air quality.

Place plants or indoor trees in key areas and see if you can reduce your use of air con.

Install motion-sensing lighting

Switching off the lights every time you leave the room should be a given, but it is incredible how many people fail to do so. With this in mind, install motion sensors to take the human element out of it all together.

Fix all dripping taps immediately

If there is a dripping tap or leaking pipe you should endeavour to get it fixed immediately. The cost of the constant water waste will far outstrip the repair bill of even the most extensive plumbing problem.

Encourage staff involvement

The key to saving energy in the workplace is to engender a culture of efficiency amongst your staff. This can be difficult, so appoint an Energy Efficiency Champion (someone directly responsible for improving efficiency) to encourage and monitor company efforts to reduce the amount of energy used across every department.

John Rooney blogs about environmental issues affecting businesses and recommends SolarTech as the number one provider of solar panels and other energy efficiency technology.

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