Intelligent Power Generation

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International Power Generation (IPG) aims to create cleaner, fuel-flexible, and adaptive power in a world where energy is decentralising.

The company specialises in high efficiency power systems that provide lower costs and aim to accelerate the transition to low-carbon energy from conventional and future fuels.

IPG's System boasts 51 per cent electrical efficiency in stackable modules from 100 kW+, delivering powerplant efficiencies in a low-cost, ultra-low emissions, and scalable turnkey-package.

The step change in generating capabilities, provided through the company's patented ceramic turbine technology, places IPG's System as a direct replacement to the internal combustion engine in both static and mobile applications. It is also being positioned as "compelling competition" to centralised power generation in large deployments of 20 MW+.

According to IPG's calculations its high electrical efficiency enables the system to cut CO2 emissions by up to 57 per cent, as well as reducing fuel costs by up to 76 per cent compared to market incumbents.

In addition, its use of flameless combustion has been proven through trials at Cranfield University to eliminate harmful pollutant emissions such as NOx, SOx, CO, and particulate matter.

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