Future Jobs: Meet the e-bike cargonauts

Michael Holder
clock • 1 min read

VIDEO: London-based e-cargobikes.com's riders deliver goods in busy urban areas on electric-assisted bicycles, saving time, money and pollution

Traffic problems in urban centres can make deliveries slow and inefficient. It also drives up local air pollution and CO2 emissions.

So there's a growing demand for greener and more efficient solutions for 'last mile' deliveries. The government has also just announced £2m of extra funding for e-bike delivery firms.

London-based e-cargobikes.com works with major retailers, delivering goods direct to door in specially designed electric bicycles. It says its city riders offer a quicker, cheaper and greener delivery service than traditional delivery vans.

BusinessGreen went to meet the company and its 'cargonaut' delivery riders.

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