How much money is your business losing from wasting energy?


In the current economic climate business owners should be welcoming methods to cut business energy costs with open arms.

One way to cut costs is through efficiency. In recent years popular awareness of energy waste and efficiency issues has increased dramatically. Energy efficient methods and devices are seen as key to reducing household bills and helping reduce waste in the environment. Unfortunately, it seems small businesses have failed to learn these energy efficiency tricks from households which could be saving them thousands of pounds a year.

Recent EON research highlighted that a huge four million UK small businesses are missing out on £7.7bn per year because of a lack of efficient energy measures. For example, 13 per cent of small businesses admit to leaving the windows open when the air conditioning or heating is on. If you think there are roughly 4.8 million small businesses in the UK, that is a huge 624,000 who admit to a significant waste of energy. In fact, according to EON only 21 per cent of small businesses have any energy efficiency measures in place at all.

So why haven't small businesses joined the energy saving bandwagon? Firstly, it seems that some small businesses cannot immediately see how much energy they are using and what it's costing them, therefore they never get around to acting on it. Secondly, once a business has realised their problem, they then need the correct equipment to cut their energy costs. Making small changes like installing energy saving equipment, light sensors and smart meters could have a significant financial impact on energy costs and overheads. Finally, many businesses need information about the savings they will make from investing in energy saving as many believe they don't have sufficient funds to invest in this equipment.

XLN has itself worked hard to receive carbon neutral status. As part of this we strive to neutralize greenhouse gases our business emits through heating, lighting, commuting, waste and the paper we use. For instance, we try to minimise paper bills and instead encourage e-billing. The environment is good to us and with the added potential of saving a significant amount of money over a year, why shouldn't your business get more clued up on energy efficiency?

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