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Desolenator is a patented water purification technology that purifies water from any source using only solar energy.

Our technology is on track to becoming the most affordable ($0.005/L) 'at-source' method of water purification on the market. It offers a unique combination of features (GSM mobile micropayment and data analytics) and capabilities, which make it ideal for household use. It is eco-friendly, has a long lifespan of up to 20 years, doesn't require filters/membranes, functions completely off-grid and doesn't expel toxic waste into the ocean. It is capable of purifying water from any source; removing inorganics (Arsenic, Fluoride) bacteria, viruses & fungi (Cholera, Typhoid etc.), as well as turning sea water into drinking water.

Desolenator's innovation comes from combining solar PV and thermal energy with a heat exchanger to drastically increase the yield of clean drinking water produced per square metre of solar panel surface. Traditional PV converts 15-20 per cent of the energy into electrical energy with the rest lost as heat. Desolenator uses all of this heat and traps it through insulation to heat the water, before using electrical energy to boil it and then a heat exchange mechanism to increase fluid throughput and yield.

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