Zoom in on Net Zero - with Nesta's Ravi Gurumurthy

James Murray
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VIDEO: Chief executive of UK innovation foundation chats to BusinessGreen's James Murray about getting consumers onside with the household energy transition

Ravi Gurumurthy is chief executive at Nesta, a foundation which works through programmes, investment, policy and research, and the formation of partnerships to promote social innovation across a broad range of sectors in the UK in order to promote social good.

Gurumurthy begain his career in public policy research at the think tank Demos in the late 1990s, before becoming an advisor to both Ed and David Miliband in the Labour government, where he worked on environmental policy -  Climate Change Act - at Defra and the former Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), as well as foreign policy at the Foreign Office.

After spending several years in the USA at the International Rescue Committee charity, Gurumurthy joined Nesta as chief executive in December 2019, where he decided to focus the innovation charity on three key areas: getting childen a fair start in life, giving people a healthier life, and delivering a sustainable future in the home.

Joining BusinessGreen's James Murray for a chat recently, Gurumurthy discussed how he first became attuned to the huge, all incompassing importance of climate change, his part in getting the UK's Climate Change Act into law, and how to get consumers onside with the green technological changes - such as home heating and transport - in their everyday lives in the coming years. The conversation can be watched in full above.

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