Secrets of the Pioneers

BusinessGreen speaks to pioneers of the green economy to discuss lessons from the last decade and to sneak a glimpse of what might lie in store for the next 10 years

For the green economy, the past decade has been one of historic success and rapid transformation, as well as frustrating setbacks and time-consuming delays.

If anything, the next decade promises to be even more eventful.

This year is the 10th anniversary of both BusinessGreen and Greenhouse PR, the specialist communications agency which supports businesses, entrepreneurs and campaigners who are working to create a green economy.

To mark the occasion we have teamed up to speak to some of the sector's leading pioneers, uncovering the lessons they have learned from this most exciting of decades and sneaking a glimpse of what the next ten years could bring.

The full report, including interviews with Christiana Figueres, Lord Stuart Rose, and Lord Stern, is available here.