See how our plan can cut your energy costs


Do you want to reduce your energy consumption, improve your utility procurement and make cost savings? We have a plan…


We're sure every business, big or small, would agree it's beneficial to use energy more efficiently. Reducing your use of electricity, gas and water reduces costs. It also helps to meet mandatory requirements like the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), cut carbon dioxide emissions, and deliver on your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) promises. What's not to like?

As the UK's largest energy consultancy, our customers tell us it's not the aims they have a problem with - it's achieving them when managing utilities is so complex.

From negotiating the best energy deals to monitoring consumption and understanding estimated bills; they say it takes time and effort that could be better spent on their core businesses.

That's why we created the Utilitywise Utility Management Plan. It's a hassle-free one-stop service that does away with utility worries like these.


The plan is totally flexible and can be used on its own or to plug gaps in an existing plan. It would suit any size of business, whether you run a barbershop in the high street or are a large organisation such as a university or a multinational corporation.

The Utility Management Plan for small businesses and the Strategic Utility Management Plan for large enterprises are tailored to meet your needs.

Smaller energy users are given a 10-step plan to give you more control over your energy, while products and services for big firms are grouped into four areas.

One of the plan's biggest benefits is helping organisations to make savings on energy use through better procurement. It also plays a key role in reducing consumption - the only true way to reduce your energy-spend.


Our support team are clued up on everything to do with energy. They'll ensure you make cost and efficiency savings by shopping around for electricity, gas and water deals, so you don't have to.

They'll help you to take advantage of falling energy prices by securing them at their lowest point or, if they rise again, fixing them before they go higher. They can also help you manage the estimated bills everyone hates.

To reduce consumption, the plan can also save you up to 20% by monitoring business utilities use through smart tools. These include dashboards that show what you use and when by the half-hour or day, and controls to turn your energy off automatically or manually using a smartphone.

Our teams can also advise firms on how to get employees to join in making efficiencies and reduce energy consumption.


We have proved that the plan works for both big and small organisations.

A big customer like the University of Reading has achieved a total of £598,228 in savings on electricity and gas. Our team identified incorrect calculations for SOQ (Supply Offtake Quality), which shows the daily consumption in its gas supply, and AQs (Annual Quantity): the yearly consumption of all meters on its sites.

For small businesses, the Utility Management Plan has helped reduce energy bills for property specialists Wedgewood Estates by 20%, while estate agents Stack & Bonner saved £3,000 a year.

The plan saved Michaela Postlewhite, landlady of The Huntsman bar in Newton Aycliffe, "hours and hours of work" by aligning her energy contracts so she knew when all of them would be due for renewal.


Global demand for energy is predicted to rise by up to 40% by 2035, according the International Energy Agency (IEA), so we all need to be savvier about making energy efficiencies.

The challenge for business is that few have the time to become experts in such a complex subject. Fortunately, we do.

Since Utilitywise floated on AIM in 2012 we've acquired five companies to provide us with the capabilities to take customers seamlessly through everything from procuring energy to reducing energy consumption

If you'd like to get on with running your business instead of worrying about energy, give us a call about a professional Utility Management Plan on 0330 303 0233 and 01527 511 700 for corporate enquiries, email [email protected] or visit

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