Discover how the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell can benefit your business


Quick charging and low running costs put the Vito E-cell at the vanguard of the electronic-drive van market

Way back in 1972 Mercedes-Benz developed the first electricity powered van and now, with the Vito E-Cell, they once again lead the way in a technological field that makes increasing economic sense for business across multiple sectors.

If your business runs small deliveries or a fleet operation and you're looking to reduce costs (who isn't?) then then the progressive, sustainable technology pioneered by Mercedes with the Vito E-Cell is increasingly hard to ignore.

Electricity-powered vehicles are no longer the marginal concern they once were, with Low Emission Zone (LEZ) areas spreading throughout Europe, not to mention the favourable operating costs offered by such vehicles, the business case for electric-drive vans is increasingly compelling, especially for city operators. And if it's an upgrade your business is exploring then the Vito E-Cell undoubtedly represents the vanguard of the electronic-drive van market right now.

The Vito E-Cell marks a real transition point for the electricity powered van market in that it significantly broadens the scope and adaptability of sustainable vehicles, so the advantages of progressive sustainable technology no longer come at the cost of practical application. This is a van that can match the needs of an increasingly broad range of businesses without the compromises that have been associated with such technology in the past.

The first thing drivers of the Vito E-Cell will notice is just how familiar it looks. This is a van that will feel like a seamless transition for anyone more used to standard petrol-powered models, until you start the engine that is ... The Vito E-Cell offers a completely noiseless drive but delivers power and agility that might come as a surprise. With 60 kW of output and 280 Nm of torque available from standstill the E-Cell offers a drive that is pacier and more dynamic than ever before. This van has been designed to navigate urban traffic with ease and delivers a nimble, responsive drive courtesy of ESP - a dynamic handling control system that is unique to Vito E-Cell.

Mercedes have also targeted quick, practical recharging with the Vito E-Cell, making it easier than ever before to charge your vehicle. The Vito E-Cell can be fully charged in just six hours, giving you an impressive 80 mile range. This range is enhanced by the clever integration of technology that converts energy from deceleration into electricity, meaning that every time you step on the brake you're effectively filling the tank!

The Mercedes Vito E-Cell is available through S & B Commercials with flexible finance options and a broad array of customisable elements, meaning there's considerable scope to design a bespoke package that suits you and your business needs perfectly.

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