Is the UK public getting financially smarter as well as greener?


The last few years may have made the UK public think a little more about the way they live and the way they spend money

As we gradually haul ourselves out of recession, there is mounting evidence that the last few years may have made the UK public think a little more about the way they live ... as well as the way they spend money.

One of the more interesting studies into energy usage to be released over the last few months, indicates that the UK public is in favour of an increased use of renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels - proving their commitment to environmental and financial preservation.

The study, which was funded by the UK Energy Research Centre but conducted by the universities of Cardiff and Nottingham, found that 79 per cent of those questioned are keen to see less reliance on fossil fuels and more than 81 per cent are eager to reduce their own energy use.

Alongside the fact that such an attitude would contribute positively towards the future of the environment, it could also be a genuine way of saving money on a personal level.

Addressing your credit rating

These statistics appear to indicate an increased maturity within the wider British public in terms of how they look at their own financial situation, but the prospect of addressing an individual financial status would be an even bigger step.

There are a number of myths surrounding the way in which you can affect your personal finance rating, but taking steps to identify the truth in this process before putting steps in place is a great idea. Firstly, make sure you understand how companies view your own personal situation, by going online and checking what will be seen by finance houses when you are checked. Go online and look at your Credit Expert credit rating. Doing it online is quicker, easier and obviously saves getting a paper copy.

Protecting the environment and saving money are big responsibilities for any consumer, but so is ensuring personal finances are in good shape.

Simple solutions

Registering on the electoral roll and striving to ensure you meet all rent payments on time are among the simplest ways to secure and maintain a high credit rating.

These examples are not particularly difficult to carry out and could make all the difference to your credit rating; something which could be critical as you move through life.

Know your score

Credit reports can be assessed in a number of different circumstances, with everything from applying for a mortgage to a new job being subject to basic credit checks. It is always a good idea to do everything you can to keep your credit rating as high possible and understand your score with these points in mind.

Poor credit ratings may have taken many people by surprise in the past when they found their applications rejected on the basis of discrepancies in their financial past but this situation is becoming less common in the modern day.

There is mounting evidence that the UK public is getting savvier when dealing with their financial affairs, finding ways to maintain their credit rating is all part of this, as is cutting down on expenditures and costs by going green.

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