Five of the world's clearest and most scenic lakes you have to see once

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From Slovenia's mystical Lake Bled to Australia's famous 'pink lake', here is rundown of the world's most beautiful lagoons

The world is just full of breathtaking scenes of nature that one more time proves we live in the most beautiful planet in the galaxy. So today we offer you a chance to get acquainted with just a few of the most remarkable and breathtaking lakes, which are really worth seeing at least once in your lifetime. Also, these lakes (since they are either protected by UNESCO or are just one of the main tourist spots in a country) are super clean and pristine, so that you can really enjoy the real magic of nature.

Lake Tekapo in New Zealand

Surrounded by the unique wildlife and divine beauty of the lupine sea, Lake Tekapo looks exactly like the place where all dreams come true. An impressive colour of water, rocks, mountains and perfect landscape attracts tourists as honey attracts bees. Near the lake, you can visit other noteworthy objects, such as a miniature ancient church or just walk around gazing upon beautiful scenic views.

Plitvice National Park in Croatia

This charming corner of nature attracts the eye with its incredible range of colours. Scattered and trickling Plitvice Lakes leave a lasting impression with rainbow colours, tones and undertones, reminiscent of a miraculous piece of music or a perfect mosaic. The ones who have visited Croatia claim the Plitvice Lakes are nothing but a real miracle of nature. Thus, it is really worth considering packing your suitcases and looking for cheap hotels and plane tickets to gaze upon this beauty! Furthermore, Plitvice is included in the UNESCO World's Heritage list too, so there are a lot of fantastic reasons why you should spend a day there for sure.

Pink Lake in Australia

Hiljero Pink Lake in Australia looks fake - the brightly colored lake reminds you more of the candy than water! It is hard to believe that this miracle of nature was created without the help of human's hands. However, nature was the one who created this breathtaking lake, so you should definitely visit it once if you can. The water in Hiljero Lake is so salty that you can even burn your tongue if you drink it! So - don't! The lake was discovered in 1802, however scientists have yet not clarified why Hilejro is pink.

Peyto Lake in Canada

Surrounded by spectacular mountains and forests, Peyto Lake is notable for its perfectly blue color, which is so bright, your eyes might burn a little. It is believed that the colours of the lake vary depending on the season of a year. And if you notice the lake's form too... This attention-worthy corner of the world is located in the province of Alberta, where you should stop by at the Banff National Park, which is a home to this marvel of nature.

Lake Bled in Slovenia

This lake hidden by the mountain is one of the most popular sites in Slovenia. Waves wash the impressive church, located on a tiny island which lies almost in the middle of Lake Bled and create a very mystical and beautiful view. No wonder that the desire to get married there is pretty common among not only Slovenian newlyweds but people from neighbouring countries as well. Looking from a bird's eye this place resembles the fairy tale, and we are unable to oppose that for sure. Just look at the pictures!

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