SDG12: Sustainable production and consumption

All BusinessGreen's reporting on SDG12, the goal to drive a circular economy

From recyclable jeans to earth-friendly phones, BusinessGreen took a deep dive into how business innovation is driving progress on SDG12, the goal for sustainable production and consumption. 

SDG12: Can sustainable consumption save capitalism from itself?

SDG12: Can sustainable consumption save capitalism from itself?

Catherine Early and James Murray
07 November 2019 •
MUD Jeans aims to unzip market for circular denim


The Dutch denim company wants to take the most popular fashion product in the world - a pair of jeans - and make it in the most sustainable way possible

clock 21 November 2019 •
SDG12: How do we achieve a better future for all?


A more circular economy can help us hit SDG12 and many of the UN goals, argues Joss Bleriot from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

clock 03 December 2019 •
SDG12 Top Tips: How to embrace circular business models


Changing your business model from a linear take, make, dispose model can seem daunting, but there are concrete steps any business can take in pursuit of SDG12

clock 14 November 2019 •