SDG3: Health and Well-Being

All our coverage of SDG3 and the goal to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

SDG3: Addicted to tobacco

SDG3: Addicted to tobacco

Trevor Allen, BNP Paribas
14 February 2019 •
SDG3: The green challenge of holistic health


Many businesses have chosen to focus on the global goal targeting health, but efforts to link health with environmental and social considerations are at an early stage

clock 07 January 2019 •
There is nothing a father wants less than to recognise the nurses at children's A&E - It's time for real action to tackle air pollution


UNICEF's Alastair Harper issues a heartfelt plea for bolder action to tackle air pollution

clock 30 January 2019 •
SDG3: The secret to a greener, healthier office


However large or small a company is, there are simple ways to cut its environmental impact and boost employee wellbeing, argues Claire McLoughlin from the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

clock 28 January 2019 •
Bringing SDG3 to life: Inside AstraZeneca's healthy, clean energy drive


AstraZeneca is focusing on SDG3 through projects that target prevention of ill health, but its initiatives promise multiple co-benefits, including for the environment

clock 21 January 2019 •
SDG3: How to build a healthy business


Five lessons for businesses looking to embed SDG3 into their operations

clock 15 January 2019 •