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Is Europe's greenest data centre heading to Scotland?


AOC Group unveils plans for a 100 per cent renewables-powered data centre, which could underline Scotland's potential as a green data centre hub

22 Apr 2014

Solar Aid urges industry to help fuel African switch to renewables

Solar Aid solar lamp

Charity offers new corporate opportunities to help it eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020

17 Apr 2014

10 lessons from the green car revolution

Nissan Leaf electric vehicle charging

From stable policies to constant innovation, the auto sector demonstrates that clean technology can deliver decarbonisation

17 Apr 2014

Cree sees bright future in LED lighting controls

New SmartCast technology automates setup of daylight harvesting applications and motion sensors

11 Apr 2014

SC Johnson - A green family company?

The consumer goods giant is pioneering green manufacturing techniques - BusinessGreen takes a look at its flagship European factory, wind turbine and all

31 Mar 2014

Clean Reach: "We want to be the Kickstarter of the ocean energy world"

New crowdfunding site for wave, tidal and offshore wind energy projects aims to help sector overcome traditional funding hurdles

28 Mar 2014

Jeremy Leggett on the solar solutions to Africa's energy problems

SolarAid chairman Jeremy Leggett writes about the three days he spent with the SunnyMoney team in Kenya and Zambia

27 Mar 2014

Sustainable energy leaders plead for post-2015 policy ambition

Sustainable Energy Association leads call for election campaign with a degree of consensus on the importance of energy efficiency and onsite renewables

25 Mar 2014

SAP to power all data centres with 100 per cent green energy

German company says move will tackle rising emissions that result from cloud-based services

24 Mar 2014

Efficiency drive: How Nissan plans to reuse EV batteries to power data centres

Director for corporate planning says the future is bright for electric vehicles - and their batteries

17 Mar 2014

From tree to terminal: How Heathrow is fuelling the UK’s biggest biomass boiler

BusinessGreen Plus follows the supply chain for the airport's new biomass energy centre

17 Mar 2014

Endurance signals high hopes for UK wind market with new factory

Company chief executive calls for more stable subsidy regime as Worcestershire manufacturing plant is officially inaugurated

13 Mar 2014

Could insurance shelter the renewables sector from political risk?

New insurance product from GCube offers wind and solar developers payouts of up to $50m if governments change the terms of their contract

13 Mar 2014

Canary Wharf takes recycling efforts to the next level

Fresh from becoming first property company to secure Carbon Trust Waste Standard, Canary Wharf Group reveals how its waste management strategy is cutting costs and emissions

12 Mar 2014

Mars targets sustainable palm oil sweet spot

Confectionery company unveils new policies for reducing impact of palm oil, beef, soy, and paper supply chains

11 Mar 2014

Is Europe letting its solar market leadership slip?

Europe's solar market may be slowing at a time when huge opportunities for the technology are popping up all around the world

10 Mar 2014

Innovators tap the value of wastewater

Cambrian Innovation and WaterFX are testing the viability of energy-positive water treatment approaches

07 Mar 2014

iPads, wind farms, and the merits of "augmented reality"

Scottish company secures latest contract to provide wind farm developer with advanced wind farm visualisation technology

05 Mar 2014

The 28 countries leading the way on climate change legislation

BusinessGreen Plus maps out where some of the most significant climate legislation was passed in 2013

28 Feb 2014

Xeros aims to clean up with near-waterless washing machines

UK start-up set for £100m IPO to support potentially game-changing green washing technology

27 Feb 2014

Sainsbury's to drive green gains with expanded dual-fuel truck fleet

Clean Air Power celebrates as company awarded contract to provide supermarket giant with 50 more dual-fuel truck retrofits

25 Feb 2014

GE Hitachi backs PRISM to solve UK's nuclear waste problem

Consortium aims to capitalise on government recognition of plan to use plutonium for electricity alongside other disposal options

24 Feb 2014

Hounslow Council brands solar panels a threat to future generations

Couple told to pull down £20,000 development despite being encouraged by local council to go ahead

21 Feb 2014

Green tea promised by 2030, as industry brews sustainable future

New cross-sector alliance aims to address climate and other threats to sustainable tea growing

14 Feb 2014

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