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IKEA to put green Swedish meatballs on the menu


Head of sustainability Joanna Yarrow reveals plans to reduce carbon intensity of retail giant's famous meatballs

17 Apr 2014

European Parliament approves green reporting rules for 6,000 firms


Large companies across the EU to face new non-financial reporting regulations, after long-awaited rules are passed by MEPs

16 Apr 2014

Does P&G's new zero deforestation pledge go far enough?

Orphaned baby orangutan in Borneo

Proctor & Gamble caves into pressure from Greenpeace and commits to eliminate deforestation from its palm oil supply chain by 2020

09 Apr 2014

Unilever boss reveals company already being impacted by climate change

Paul Polman warns that "left unchecked, climate change has the potential to become a significant barrier to our growth strategy, and that of just about every other company"

09 Apr 2014

Supermarkets told to tackle waste by taking BOGOFs off the shelves

Peers call for urgent action to reduce the 15 million tonnes of food wasted in the UK each year - but rules out anaerobic digestion rollout

08 Apr 2014

Potato supplier finds wind energy a-peel-ing

Greenvale to install 1.5MW turbine capable of meeting 60 per cent of electricity needs at UK's largest potato packaging plant

07 Apr 2014

UN eyes trillion dollar global green procurement programme

Initiative aims to help governments channel public procurement funds towards more sustainable goods and services

02 Apr 2014

Ecover to replace palm oil with algae

Laundry liquid set to be the first of a range of products to use algal oil, in a move designed to reduce demand for controversial palm oil

02 Apr 2014

Isle of Man floats greener shipping plan

Vessels employing energy efficiency improvements ahead of time will receive discounts on registration costs

27 Mar 2014

Fresh reports highlight escalating climate risks

Ahead of the launch of latest IPCC report, Met Office and Oxfam publish new studies warning of increasing climate impacts

26 Mar 2014

EU imposes first ever ban on illegal fishing nations

Move ensures member states cannot import fish from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea or operate vessels in their waters

25 Mar 2014

Siemens Hull wind turbine factory announcement - the reaction

"This investment is going to create lots of new jobs and opportunities, meaning more financial security and peace of mind for families and a more resilient economy for our country"

25 Mar 2014

Greg Barker defends carbon tax freeze

EXCLUSIVE: Energy and climate change minister says move will allow both manufacturing and clean energy to flourish

25 Mar 2014

Don't lump all biomass together on the question of sustainability

Tim Minett warns that the debate over the sustainability of bio-energy is in danger of becoming oversimplified

24 Mar 2014

Inside Levi's water recycling strategy

A first-of-its-kind pilot in China is expanding quickly. Now, the jeans maker is sharing its experience with other apparel companies

21 Mar 2014

Monsanto and Natura taste the true cost of palm oil and soybeans

Research by Trucost points to more sustainable farming methods for crops in Brazil. Now comes the tricky challenge of weighing that data

21 Mar 2014

UK biomass heating industry 'far exceeding' sustainability standards

EXCLUSIVE: New industry report urges government to conduct more analysis into indirect land use change emissions

18 Mar 2014

Waitrose rolls out low carbon lorries

Supermarket trials six aerodynamic, dual-fuel trucks developed in conjunction with Cambridge University

18 Mar 2014

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