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Businesses failing to prepare for climate change risks, report warns

People sandbagging flooded streets

Committee on Climate Change attacks government "underinvestment" on flooding and outlines future overheating threat for UK's aging population

09 Jul 2014

Government hits back in 'zero carbon' homes row


Minister rejects claims government is watering down zero carbon homes standard as new proposals are published

09 Jul 2014

Report: Huge untapped potential for energy efficiency in commercial buildings


Policy needs to be simpler and consistently enforced to ensure carbon reductions, industry paper finds

18 Jun 2014

The Responsibility Gap or Why your company's sustainability programme is failing

Simon Graham of Commercial Group argues that without a rethink on how companies manage their energy use, firms will always struggle to deliver significant carbon savings

17 Jun 2014

Breaking news: Government to legislate on non-zero carbon housing

Alan Whitehead argues that the government's much trumpeted 'zero carbon homes' could end up being anything but

16 Jun 2014

Old Levi's jeans warm San Francisco icon

Green refurb of 110 Embarcodero will see 7,800 pairs of jeans used as insulation within its walls

16 Jun 2014

A third of new homes could avoid zero-carbon homes standard

New analysis shows 36 per cent of residential planning applications last year were for 50 homes or fewer

13 Jun 2014

Hudson Yards: A connected neighborhood grows in Manhattan

A central part of the $20bn Hudson Yards community will be a vast sensor network to track air quality, traffic, energy, waste processes and more

13 Jun 2014

Queen's Speech: the green business reaction

Green economy leaders respond to today's announcements on fracking, zero-carbon homes, plastic bags and climate change

04 Jun 2014

Blue chips demand ambitious green building standards for landlords

Marks & Spencer, Whitbread, Mitsubishi and others demand clarity over private rental sector energy standards ahead of Queen's Speech today

04 Jun 2014

Queens Speech: Zero carbon homes commitment set to be ditched

Proposed legislation will reportedly allow builders to offset carbon from new homes that do not meet sustainability standards

02 Jun 2014

Energy efficiency: Why not make it an infrastructure priority?

Having highlighted the potential benefits of energy-efficiency programmes, the Treasury now needs to deliver, argues John Alker of the Green Building Council

02 Jun 2014

UK-China deal opens up £200m green building opportunity

Building Research Establishment to set up new facility in Shenzhen to tap into growing Chinese green building market

26 May 2014

Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena lights up at prospect of LED energy savings

Iconic stadium to slash lighting energy use by 60 per cent thanks to new Philips technology

23 May 2014

John Lewis warms up company spa with biomass boiler

Hot water and underfloor heating at Bala Lake site in Wales powered by 26 tonnes of locally-sourced wood

13 May 2014

Carbon Trust awards first Low Carbon Workplace Standard

Investec Wealth and Investment Management secures independent green certification for Guildford office

07 May 2014

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund - at a glance

New government scheme offers up to £7,600 to households installing energy efficiency measures

01 May 2014

Thousands of pounds offered to homeowners for green home makeovers

Green deal home improvement fund will offer £1,000 for people installing boilers and insulation, and £500 for anyone who fits measures within 12 months of moving into a property

01 May 2014

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