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Davey renews calls for an end to "unhealthy low" carbon prices

Share trader at work

UK government publishes position paper on Emission Trading Scheme reforms calling for the cancellation of an 'ambitious volume' of excess allowances

17 Jul 2014

Australia falters in plan to repeal carbon tax

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott

Colourful senator Clive Palmer withdraws his party's support for controversial amendment at 11th hour

11 Jul 2014

UN hails progress at latest Bonn climate talks

Diplomats gather for United Nations Climate Change talks in Bonn

Two week summit ends positively as negotiators edge towards an international emissions reduction framework for 2015

16 Jun 2014

Lord Stern: Economists are underestimating costs of climate change

New report calls for price on carbon of up to $103 a tonne from next year

16 Jun 2014

Lagarde calls for carbon pricing action

Head of the International Monetary Fund urges central bankers to take steps now to deliver carbon pricing mechanisms

13 Jun 2014

Is Scotland really on track to hit its climate change targets?

Scotland's 2020 Climate Group urges businesses to ramp up carbon-cutting efforts after figures reveal 2012 emissions rose

11 Jun 2014

Lord Deben: Chinese emissions cap could put an end to climate action naysayers

Committee on Climate Change hails major pledges this week from China and USA

05 Jun 2014

Reports: Shell mulls carbon price hike in face of new climate regs

Royal Dutch Shell CO2 executive reveals company currently prices carbon at $40 per tonne

02 Jun 2014

Global carbon markets worth $30bn, World Bank finds

Over 60 systems now cover 12 per cent of global emissions, but report warns "steady" progress is at risk from lowering of ambition

28 May 2014

Carbon exchanges optimistic at prospects for a 2015 climate deal

New survey by International Emissions Trading Association calls on EU to set ambitious 2030 carbon cutting target

28 May 2014

Carbon market continues faltering march into the mainstream

Survey of market stakeholders finds strong support for emissions trading system, but questions remain over its role in driving green growth

23 May 2014

EU approves carbon floor price compensation for energy intensive firms

European Commission grants state aid approval to UK government Energy Intensive Industries Package

22 May 2014

EU countries seek to protect more industries from 'carbon leakage'

European Commission unveils list of 175 industries that could receive carbon trading support through to 2019

07 May 2014

European Investment Bank promises €2bn clean energy funding boost

Bank confirms sale of carbon allowances under NER300 scheme has raised fresh funds for investment in clean energy

16 Apr 2014

EU carbon price rides the "rollercoaster" as emissions fall

New figures from Thomson Reuters Point Carbon estimate EU industrial emissions fell 3.1 per cent last year, prompting carbon market bullishness

02 Apr 2014

Reports: Shanghai Stock Exchange mulls carbon index

Stock exchange considers demanding mandatory carbon reporting in order to establish new environmental benchmark

31 Mar 2014

Report: Global carbon markets set to hit €64bn in 2014

Analysts predict a temporary restriction of allowances will trigger a surge in the value of CO2 in Europe next month

28 Feb 2014

Backloading carbon market fix poised to become law

EU Ministers confirm no objection to withdrawal of 900 million allowances, meaning backloading could begin in March

25 Feb 2014

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