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Burger King urged to use Tim Hortons acquisition to correct ‘appalling' palm oil policies

A Burger King sign

Union of Concerned Scientists urges fast food giants to use planned merger as an opportunity to introduce robust sustainable palm oil policies

28 Aug 2014

Tree loses out in battle between Aldi and Ecology


Ecology building society’s month long battle to save an ancient lime in West Yorkshire falls foul of planning laws

28 Aug 2014

How offshore wind farms offer a haven for hungry seals


New research suggests that offshore wind farms are starting to deliver some of the biodiversity benefits supporters have long believed would result from their development

08 Aug 2014

Pollution triples mercury levels in ocean surface waters, study finds

Toxic metal threatens marine life as it accumulates faster in shallow layers than in deep sea due to human activity

07 Aug 2014

How Plan Bee is creating a biodiversity buzz among businesses

Plan Bee founder and chief executive Warren Bader reveals why everyone from Boyzone to Balfour Beatty is embracing the bee-keeping craze

05 Aug 2014

Ban bee-harming pesticides, MPs say

Environmental Audit Committee also questions role of industry in funding research into impact of pesticides

28 Jul 2014

How bird-friendly wind farms can help meet green energy demand

BirdLife International aims to help deliver a huge increase in wind and solar capacity without threatening endangered bird species

24 Jul 2014

Government urges public and businesses to help meet "bees' needs"

Defra calls on people to help boost pollinator populations by following five point action plan

18 Jul 2014

A review of the Forestry sector, from an investment perspective

Alex Werbowy of Alliance Trust Investments explains why sustainable investors need to be aware of their potential impact on the world's forests

14 Jul 2014

Neonicotinoids linked to recent fall in farmland bird numbers

Research demonstrates for the first time the knock-on effects to other species of class of insecticides known to harm bees

11 Jul 2014

Pope condemns rainforest destruction

Pope Francis calls exploitation of nature the "sin of modern times"

07 Jul 2014

Report: Companies’ plastic use costs environment $75bn each year

Food sector contributes the largest chunk of the financial cost to natural capital, with the oceans facing acute threats, UN study finds

23 Jun 2014

Government rejects MPs' calls for a greener HS2

Environmental Audit Committee bemoans 'wasted opportunity', as government dismisses calls for a more ambitious programme of biodiversity offsetting

19 Jun 2014

Soco halts oil exploration in Africa's Virunga national park

British oil company bows to pressure and abandons drilling in volatile and biodiverse region of Democratic Republic of Congo

11 Jun 2014

Make natural capital a permanent feature of policy, MPs say

Report calls for Natural Capital Committee to be handed long-term role in hardwiring value of nature into decision-making

05 Jun 2014

Global Estuaries Forum

Inaugural forum in Deauville, France will bring together experts from around the world to discuss the future of economically crucial estuary environments

27 May 2014

Monbiot's attacks on biodiversity offsetting are wide of the mark

Policy Exchange's Guy Newey argues "natural capital" mechanisms could offer a better means of protecting natural habitats than the status quo

13 May 2014

Sainsbury's lands UK's first sustainable tuna sandwich

Supermarket giant says it has become the first retailer to offer an MSC-certified tuna sandwich

06 May 2014

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