Biodiversity articles

DECC dishes out reeds-to-energy wetland funding


Three companies become the latest firms to be awarded a share of over £1.3m to support development of wetlands bio-energy technology

17 Apr 2014

Slow HS2 trains to cut emissions, MPs say


Committee calls on government to step up efforts to deliver carbon savings from high speed rail line

07 Apr 2014

National Grid charges up natural capital thinking

Hackers have breached security protections on US electrical grids

Company aims to assess portfolio for opportunities to improve ecosystems services under 'Natural Grid' plan

03 Apr 2014

IPCC scientists: UK leading world on climate adaptation

Leading climate scientists urge Britain to stay at leading edge of adaptation efforts as water scarcity, heatwave and flooding risks escalate

01 Apr 2014

Shale gas industry's voluntary commitments do not make us fit to frack

The RSPB's Harry Huyton defends conservation group's 10 recommendations for better fracking regulations, dismissing industry claims they are unnecessary

18 Mar 2014

Are we fit to frack? Yes, we are

Ken Cronin of industry group UKOOG argues many of the risks posed by fracking highlighted by conservation groups are already being addressed

17 Mar 2014

From mines to megawatts: The promise of 'conflict-free Big Solar'

Millions of acres of degraded terrain could hold 100 times the current US solar capacity - and avert the environmental tradeoffs of blockbuster solar projects

14 Mar 2014

Does the UK need fracking exclusion zones?

National Trust, RSPB, and Wildlife Trust publish new 10-point plan designed to ensure UK shale gas regulation is fit for purpose

13 Mar 2014

Government advisers call for a 25-year plan to boost natural capital

Value of services provided by nature is "ignored" and must come into national decision-making, government-backed body warns

11 Mar 2014

Mars targets sustainable palm oil sweet spot

Confectionery company unveils new policies for reducing impact of palm oil, beef, soy, and paper supply chains

11 Mar 2014

Farmers to be paid for environmental improvements

Environmental land management scheme to reimburse farmers for enhancing wildlife habitats, improving water quality, and creating woodland

27 Feb 2014

John Kerry calls for global marine reserve expansion

US Secretary of State calls for action to protect 10 per cent of world's oceans in conservation zones

26 Feb 2014

EU warns economy is at risk from poorly oceans

New report reveals escalating crisis in the marine environment

21 Feb 2014

Natural capital gets its own business hub

Not sure where to start to address natural capital in your company? Enter the Natural Capital Business Hub

21 Feb 2014

Google's mapping power harnessed to tackle global deforestation

World Resources Institute launches major initiative to detect illegal logging in near real time

21 Feb 2014

Inside P&G's phosphate-free detergent pledge

Procter & Gamble's Gianni Ciserani reveals how and why the consumer goods giant will phase out the use of all phosphates in its laundry detergents

28 Jan 2014

P&G promises to deliver phosphate-free detergents

Tide, Ariel, Ace and Bonux will have phosphate eliminated within 24 months

27 Jan 2014

How corporate natural capital policies can blossom

ASDA, Nestle, and SABMiller behind new web-based tools to help businesses manage their reliance on natural goods and services

26 Nov 2013

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