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How to deal with people who complain about renewable subsidies at parties

Alan Whitehead MP

Alan Whitehead MP offers some sage advice for any green business exec who has ever been harangued about the cost of subsidising clean energy

17 Apr 2014

James Cameron: Clean tech has to promise an alluring transformation

James Cameron

Climate Change Capital chairman argues that the exciting clean technologies offered by the automotive sector prove green products can be better than the alternatives they replace

16 Apr 2014

How retailers can help the UK get more circular - and profit from it

Jonny Hazell is policy assistant at Green Alliance

Jonny Hazell of the Green Alliance argues the UK's giant retail sector can be harnessed to drive the formation of a circular economy

15 Apr 2014

The economics of climate change: quite often, just silly

Ahead of the IPCC's report on Sunday, David Powell of Friends of the Earth argues we cannot solely rely on economic models to provide the case for climate action

11 Apr 2014

Twilight of the wind energy independents?

Nathan Goode of Grant Thornton navigates the maze of EMR, LCF, CfDs and PPAs, and finds that onshore wind developers could end up getting lost in the policy labyrinth

11 Apr 2014

Paul Polman: Tackling climate change will deliver "a better future for us all"

Paul Polman's Grantham Institute for Climate Change Annual Lecture - in full

09 Apr 2014

Role of the EU Industry to lead the green economy

Janez Potočnik's speech to the opening of the Industrial GreenTec Fair - in full

08 Apr 2014

Tory-Lib Dem wind farm wars are catching clean energy investors in the cross fire

Labour's Julie Elliott argues that investors desperately needs to see a consistent line on energy policy from the government

08 Apr 2014

An effective UK solar strategy means investor stability

Solar Trade Association's Leonie Greene welcomes the government's new strategy, but asks why Ministers have to detract from the launch by bashing solar farms?

08 Apr 2014

Businesses are leading on climate change, now government must follow

John Alker of the Green Building Council reckons government needs to close the gap between itself and the leading green businesses

07 Apr 2014

The business case for a circular economy revolution

WRAP's Liz Goodwin tells Sustainability Live audience that there is a compelling business case for improved resource efficiency

03 Apr 2014

Let them eat coal

The coal industry is about to launch a major push to bring dirty energy to the world's developing countries, Kirsty Gogan argues that green businesses need a credible response

02 Apr 2014

Navigating the green export opportunity

Matthew Farrow of the Environmental Industries Commission argues that overseas markets offer huge potential for UK clean tech firms

01 Apr 2014

Bring home the revolution

Steven McNab and Jessica Holt describe the energy revolution that will bring renewable energy to the people

31 Mar 2014

Fixing for Sustainability

Professor Christopher Barnatt of Nottingham University Business School

28 Mar 2014

Renewables not fracking is the best answer to energy security

Donna Hume questions David Cameron's claims that shale gas offers Europe a chance to reduce its dependence on oil and gas imports from Russia

27 Mar 2014

How to create a bigger impact: Collaborate

Forum for the Future's Stephanie Draper argues that it is only by collaborating that businesses will be able to tackle global sustainability challenges

26 Mar 2014

The Isle of Man - Could electric cars unlock the island's clean tech potential?

Friends of the Earth ventures to the Isle of Man and finds a community boasting huge clean energy potential and worrying fossil fuel lock-in

25 Mar 2014

Don't lump all biomass together on the question of sustainability

Tim Minett warns that the debate over the sustainability of bio-energy is in danger of becoming oversimplified

24 Mar 2014

Vested interests, emerging interests, and obstacles for the green agenda

Jos Dings of Transport & Environment defends green campaigners' record in driving cleaner EU transport policies

21 Mar 2014

EU leaders must act now to put Europe on the right path towards a competitive future

The CBI's Nicola Walker argues that only an ambitious EU climate change package can deliver investor certainty the business community needs

20 Mar 2014

Seven ways to make nuclear cheaper (than it already is)

Why do the costs of building nuclear appear to be rising over time, instead of coming down, as you would expect from other technologies?

20 Mar 2014

David Cameron's EU performance tomorrow is more important to the UK's future than the Budget

Matthew Spencer and Nick Mabey argue the really critical long term policy signals for the green economy will not be found in the Chancellor's red box

19 Mar 2014

Shale gas industry's voluntary commitments do not make us fit to frack

The RSPB's Harry Huyton defends conservation group's 10 recommendations for better fracking regulations, dismissing industry claims they are unnecessary

18 Mar 2014

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