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The green bonds market may be soaring but there is a long way to go


Bridget Boulle of the Climate Bonds Initiative reveals how green bonds will prove critical to global efforts to decarbonise

22 Jul 2014

Closing in on a circular economy – lessons from Scotland and Wales

Jonny Hazell is policy assistant at Green Alliance

Green Alliance's Jonny Hazell warns that England is lagging behind the rest of the UK when it comes to getting value out of its resources

21 Jul 2014

Flint: Climate change is a threat to our national security

Shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint

Caroline Flint speech to the CBI Energy Conference - in full

18 Jul 2014

Will Liz Truss take responsibility for resource policy?

The new Environment Secretary faces a daunting in-tray, but waste policy must now be made a priority

18 Jul 2014

Davey: "We are the fourth most energy secure country in the world"

Ed Davey's speech to CBI Energy Conference - in full

18 Jul 2014

Transport Minister: By 2050 every car on the road will be ultra low emission

Baroness Kramer speech to the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership annual conference - in full

17 Jul 2014

Down with reshuffles!

Alan Whitehead praises out-going Climate Change Minister Greg Barker and argues that we need more Ministers with a long-standing interest in their brief

17 Jul 2014

How design can determine recycling habits

Dr Stewart Barr makes the case for recycling collection to be designed into buildings so it becomes part of a daily routine

16 Jul 2014

Lobbying for Good - the much needed ‘next big thing' in corporate responsibility

Paul Monaghan argues that not all lobbyists deserve a bad press, they can help deliver a greener economy

15 Jul 2014

A review of the Forestry sector, from an investment perspective

Alex Werbowy of Alliance Trust Investments explains why sustainable investors need to be aware of their potential impact on the world's forests

14 Jul 2014

You think green energy is expensive? What tosh!

As Trillion Fund's Rebecca O'Connor argues, new figures show that green energy tariffs can now compete with the Big Six on cost

09 Jul 2014

CCS: The race is on, can Yorkshire take the yellow jersey?

Alstom's Craig Jones argues that after a lost decade, CCS developments around the world are starting to enjoy some much needed progress

08 Jul 2014

Have the Lib Dems celebrated the wrong victory on Zero Carbon Homes?

Dr Nina Skorupska of the REA argues that despite some encouraging progress the government's Zero Carbon Homes strategy does not represent the victory the coalition claims

08 Jul 2014

The sustainable innovation evolution

Stephanie Draper of Forum for the Future explores some of the best projects named in Sustainia's Innovation 100

04 Jul 2014

The most important, inspiring and exciting sector in the world

James Murray's speech to the fourth annual BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

03 Jul 2014

Decoupling: Not just for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Kirsty Gogan says rising consumption is 'de-coupling' from environmental impact, creating a new eco-modernist paradigm for humans and nature

02 Jul 2014

Beggar thy neighbour?

Simon Moore says the UK should not discount the potential of electricity inter-connectors to boost green energy and back-up capacity

01 Jul 2014

China nuclear safety threat spells danger for the UK

Tom Burke warns the UK's new nuclear programme may go up in flames if China's 'overwhelmed' nuclear regulators fail to prevent an accident

30 Jun 2014

Busting the myths around emission reduction costs

Bob Ward argues misleading comparisons and assumptions are being used to inflate the economic costs of climate change policies

27 Jun 2014

A blueprint for the future for wind, wave and tidal power

Maria McCaffery outlines how the industry plans to cut costs and how the next government can continue the sector's impressive growth

26 Jun 2014

GM and Europe: We are in this together

The Green Party's Natalie Bennett warns that the latest European Council compromise on GM crops could serve as a "Trojan horse" for the controversial technology

23 Jun 2014

Barry Gardiner: Resource efficiency can deliver "turbo charger" to the economy

Shadow Environment Minister's speech to the Chartered Institute of Waste Management

20 Jun 2014

The rise of the machines

Self driving cars and automated homes could change society far faster than people realise, argues Trewin Restorick, and now politicians need to play catch up

20 Jun 2014

Why all enterprises need to prepare for the EU's latest 'game-changing' energy efficiency rules

The government's new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme may not be perfect, argues Andrew Warren, but it could still deliver a big boost to energy efficiency

19 Jun 2014

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