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Can bottom up climate action work without top down policy?


Matthew Farrow of the Environmental Industries Commission reflects on a flurry of green economy speeches from leading figures

19 Dec 2014

The Green Party is Kodak - It should be Google

Brendan May

Robertsbridge's Brendan May fears the Green Party's policies and approach mean it is about to blow its biggest opportunity in a generation

18 Dec 2014

Barnacle Goose chicks, the energy market, and the failures of state planning

Guy Newey

Ovo Energy's Guy Newey reflects on the lessons contained for energy policy in David Attenborough's latest wildlife documentary

17 Dec 2014

That capacity auction: it's all going well, isn't it?

Alan Whitehead takes a magnifying glass to the government's new capacity auction and uncovers fears that it may not deliver the back up that is promised

16 Dec 2014

Britain’s dinosaur capacity market will worsen energy ‘trilemma’

Professor Catherine Mitchell reveals why she is none too impressed with the government's new capacity market

15 Dec 2014

How green energy consumers become energy efficient consumers

Juliet Davenport reveals how those Good Energy customers who generate their own power tend to embrace energy-saving measures

15 Dec 2014

What Google can teach us about innovation in sustainability

Volans John Elkington explores how Google has become one of the most important and intriguing players in the sustainability space

12 Dec 2014

Removing the barriers to Demand Side Response

National Grid's Duncan Burt explains how a new service aims to encourage more organisations into the demand side response market

12 Dec 2014

Changing Diets

Martyn Jones of Alliance Trust Investments explains how growing demand for healthy and more 'natural' foods is creating new sustainable investment opportunities

12 Dec 2014

The CEO legacy: Too valuable to fail

We need to stop talking about sustainability strategies and start talking about business strategies fit for a sustainable future, argues PwC's Malcolm Preston, and the conversation starts with the CEO

11 Dec 2014

Green QE: The missing piece of the puzzle

Molly Scott Cato argues a green investment strategy could achieve social and environmental benefits while driving jobs and growth

10 Dec 2014

New Climate targets will boost the global market for Climate Innovations

Hero Prins of Climate-KIC explains how the recent flurry of new international climate targets is good news for entrepreneurs

09 Dec 2014

Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill - Three things it could change if we get it right

Anne Meikle, Chair of Sustainable Development Alliance, predicts Wales' landmark environmental legislation could trigger a green jobs revolution, with the right amendments

08 Dec 2014

Saks: How we rang up $500,000 in energy savings

The US retail giant reveals how relatively simple energy-efficiency measures have helped cut energy bills and carbon emissions

05 Dec 2014

Navigating the maze of EU clean tech R&D support

The EU is changing the way it identifies research priorities for energy technologies - genuine clean-tech research needs to be at the top of the list

05 Dec 2014

Barry Gardiner: We've had five wasted years on the green economy

Shadow Environment Ministers promises a government would prioritise action on air pollution, climate adaptation, and resource security

04 Dec 2014

Of nightmares and parrots

E3G's Tom Burke runs the rule over the current media hysteria over looming blackouts and reveals a tale of hyperbole and ideology

04 Dec 2014

Bioenergy - the need for fact not fiction

Dr Nina Skorupska of the REA argues that the government's fudged policies on biomass are undermining a cost-effective and sustainable source of clean energy

03 Dec 2014

Action on the environment is too important to be used as a political football

Nick Molho, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, asks if environmental action could inject some much-needed optimism into the general election campaign

02 Dec 2014

Time to show carbon markets matter in Lima

Dirk Forrister of the International Emissions Trading Association explains why blue chip firms want to see progress at Lima on linking growing carbon markets

02 Dec 2014

Not every Google moonshot leaves Earth orbit

Kirsty Gogan of Energy for Humanity argues that Google's explanation for shelving its RE<C project underlines the urgent need for a massive boost in R&D

01 Dec 2014

Five tips to help green executives become more resilient

As Forum for the Future's Stephanie Draper warns, sustainability leaders will only deliver on their goals if they look after themselves

28 Nov 2014

Will the EU's €315 billion investment plan deliver the sustainable growth the global economy needs?

Too much capital across Europe is sitting idle, argues Martin Schoenberg of Climate Change Capital, the EU's infrastructure investment plan provides a way to put it to a good and green use

27 Nov 2014

Davey: 'Green Growth is a necessity, a reality and an opportunity'

Energy and Climate Change Secretary speech to Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme - in full

26 Nov 2014

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