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Green groups hit back at BusinessEurope over attack on environmental ‘red tape'

EU flag

Coalition of civil society groups voices opposition to industry lobby group's 'worrying deregulatory tendency'

08 Dec 2014

Greenpeace targets Shell's 'keep the lights on' ad with Arctic counter-attack

Greenpeace Shell advert

Campaign group hoists banner with the message 'let's keep the drills on, so the Arctic's gone when she's your age' opposite Shell's London HQ

13 Nov 2014

BusinessGreen debates zero deforestation

Indonesia rainforest photo by Rainforest Action Network

Catch up with BusinessGreen's Twitter debate with Aida Greenbury, managing director of sustainability for Asia Pulp and Paper

31 Oct 2014

Could Lego ditching Shell present an opportunity for clean tech?

The latest victory in Greenpeace's campaign against Shell's planned Arctic exploration could present an important opportunity for clean tech firms

24 Oct 2014

China's coal use falls for first time this century, analysis suggests

Fall of 1-2 per cent in amount of coal burned offers ‘window of opportunity’ to bring climate change under control, Greenpeace energy analysts say

23 Oct 2014

Renewables not shale biggest driver in US emissions cuts, study finds

Analysis by Greenpeace's Energydesk says clean energy accounted for 40 per cent of emissions decline since 2007, compared to 30 per cent from shale

20 Oct 2014

Lego ends Shell partnership following Greenpeace campaign

Toymaker will not renew current multimillion pound deal, that sees Shell-branded Lego sets sold at petrol stations, following a viral video against Arctic drilling by the green group

09 Oct 2014

Greenpeace slams standby payments for coal power plants

National Grid lists 62GW of generation eligible for capacity payments that green groups fear may extend life of polluting power plants

06 Oct 2014

Jonathon Porritt puts 'reputation on the line' in sustainable palm oil push

Controversy surrounds the launch of the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto, but could it provide a better mechanism for distinguishing between good and bad palm oil?

05 Sep 2014

Updated: Microsoft shuts down ties with anti-renewables lobbying group

IT giant said to have ended links with controversial American Legislative Exchange Council lobby group

20 Aug 2014

Greenpeace launches fresh push for a cleaner cloud

Comedian Reggie Watts stars in series of videos encouraging use of renewable energy to power the internet

20 Aug 2014

Government under fire over "misleading" fracking consultation

Greenpeace calls on DECC to re-run consultation on controversial plans to relax fracking trespass rules, as Scottish government objects to proposed changes

15 Aug 2014

Fracking threatens Tory election hopes, Greenpeace warns

Analysis finds 77 per cent of targeted seats have been opened up for exploration, despite low levels of public support for fracking

29 Jul 2014

Amazon and Greenpeace in war of words over cloud power

Amazon dismisses criticism as hot air, claims to be very green

28 Jul 2014

LEGO attempts to stonewall escalating Greenpeace protest

Toy giant refuses to accept petition from 115,000 people calling on it to quit partnership with Shell over Arctic oil exploration

23 Jul 2014

Shell accused of misrepresenting climate warnings to investors

Carbon Tracker says oil major is wrong to dismiss carbon bubble theory, as Lego comes under pressure to end partnership with Shell

09 Jul 2014

Could company executives really be sued for causing climate change?

NGOs ask fossil fuel majors to clarify who would pay if they face legal action for emitting greenhouse gases

30 May 2014

Greenpeace warns PepsiCo's palm oil policies will fail to halt deforestation

Drinks giant unveils raft of new pledges to tackle deforestation, but green group says they do not go far enough

22 May 2014

Nike and Adidas told to stop playing dirty and tackle football kit chemicals

Greenpeace investigations finds toxic chemicals in a range of football merchandise, including the official World Cup Brazuca ball

20 May 2014

Is the EU over-stating the cost of wind and solar power?

Greenpeace urges Commission officials to look again at falling costs of renewable energy technologies as it prepares 2030 climate package

13 May 2014

'Story of Stuff' creator Annie Leonard will lead Greenpeace USA

The force behind the popular 'Story of Stuff' videos seeks to lead the activist group with a "sense of joy"

07 May 2014

Going underground? Energy security goals face challenges from protestors on all sides

As survey highlights entrenched public opposition to fracking and political criticism of wind farms intensifies, the UK's energy security goals are under fire

06 May 2014

Greenpeace targets Total in latest Arctic oil protest

Activists aim to prevent first shipment of offshore oil extracted from the fragile region being delivered to French energy giant

01 May 2014

Good news: APP to 'protect and restore' one million hectares of rainforests

Greenpeace's Zulfahmi Fahmi hails the latest commitment from APP to draw a line under its previous forest destruction

30 Apr 2014

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