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Twitter urged to 'make our tweets green'

Greenpeace activist outside Twitter HQ - photo Greenpeace USA & George Nikitin

Greenpeace campaign aims to pressure tech companies into investing in renewable energy to power their social media platforms

10 Apr 2014

Does P&G's new zero deforestation pledge go far enough?

Orphaned baby orangutan in Borneo

Proctor & Gamble caves into pressure from Greenpeace and commits to eliminate deforestation from its palm oil supply chain by 2020

09 Apr 2014

Apple, Facebook and Google power ahead of Amazon in clean energy stakes

Facebook Lulea datacentre in Sweden

Greenpeace report finds many internet companies remain reliant on fossil fuels to power increasingly energy-hungry operations

03 Apr 2014

Greenpeace: European supergrid could save billions

New report argues that overhaul of energy infrastructure could drastically cut costs of renewable energy

20 Mar 2014

Is Staples right to reward Asia Pulp and Paper's forest protection pledge?

One year on from APP's commitment to zero deforestation, corporate clients are starting to return

04 Mar 2014

Greenpeace: Failure to make clean energy shift will cost Europe's utilities billions

Campaign group says over-investment in fossil fuels will ensure profits continue to fall for largest energy companies

27 Feb 2014

Primark pledges to phase out toxic chemicals

Greenpeace hails landmark commitment as 20 retailers now promise to detox supply chains

10 Feb 2014

Natural Environment Research Council inks controversial research partnership with Shell

Greenpeace brands Memorandum of Understanding a "grubby deal diverting public money into the pockets of the world's largest corporation"

10 Feb 2014

Asia Pulp and Paper and L'Oreal beef up forest protection

But APP warns its ambitious goals can only be realised with help from government and competitors

06 Feb 2014

Sellafield sounds all clear after radiation scare

Site confirms "elevated levels of radiation" detected overnight is "naturally occurring background radon" posing no risk

31 Jan 2014

Shell scraps Arctic drilling plans for 2014

Company confirms US legal battle means further delays for controversial exploration

30 Jan 2014

Burberry to check supply chain toxins

Clothing company promises to ditch hazardous chemicals by 2020 after pressure from Greenpeace Detox campaign

29 Jan 2014

COP 19: Civil society groups quit Warsaw Climate Summit

"There are no jobs on a dead planet" warns International Trade Union Confederation

21 Nov 2013

COP 19: Sacked Polish Environment Minister says show must go on

Marcin Korolec maintains his changed role will not undermine global climate change talks as new analysis reveals impact of Japanese and Australian backtracking on carbon goals

21 Nov 2013

Countries urged to seize opportunity at Warsaw Climate Summit

COP 19 opens with sobering plea from Philippines' delegation, as NGOs fear coal conference will undermine ambition

12 Nov 2013

Asia Pulp & Paper calls on Indonesian government to help halt deforestation

Aida Greenbury, head of sustainability for APP, talks to BusinessGreen Plus about forestry, peat land, and managing social conflict

15 Oct 2013

Greenpeace launches legal bid to restrict UK fracking

Campaign group says drilling under homes without permission constitutes trespass

14 Oct 2013

Can Asia Pulp & Paper really end deforestation?

Jessica Shankleman explores how Indonesia's forestry giant is working to assure customers and campaigners that it will undertake no more deforestation

14 Oct 2013

Greenpeace protestors 'frack' Lancashire council offices

Campaigners set up mock-drilling rig outside Preston chambers in bid to persuade councillors to reject further shale gas operations

04 Sep 2013

Greenpeace and RSPO engage in palm oil fire fight

Campaign group argues retail giants need to step up efforts to ensure sustainable certified palm oil really is being produced in an environmentally responsible manner

04 Sep 2013

Do the government's biomass sustainability criteria go far enough?

Green groups line up to criticise new standards for failing to take account of indirect land use change and carbon sinks

23 Aug 2013

DECC scientist takes green groups to task over biomass claims

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and RSPB under fire from government for using unfinished research to campaign against carbon impact of biomass power

01 Aug 2013

Facebook likes renewable energy as it flicks switch on green data centre

Luleå data centre in Sweden running completely on hydro power claims high levels of energy efficiency

13 Jun 2013

Coal power pollution loses Europe millions of working hours a year

New report by Greenpeace and Stuttgart University calls for binding 2030 renewable energy targets to tackle coal's health impact

12 Jun 2013

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