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Biogas sector welcomes reassurances over future of anaerobic digestion policy

Anaerobic digestion plant

Letter from Climate Change Minister Gregory Barker promises "bright and sustainable future for the biomethane to grid industry"

10 Jul 2014

GreenBiz 101: From trash to treasure, the elusive quest for zero waste

Litter for recycling

Here's how companies and communities are looking to reuse almost everything we produce

04 Jul 2014

Green Investment Bank delivers Northern Ireland biogas funding push

Anaerobic digestion plant

Two on-farm anaerobic digestion plants to share £6.5m in new funding

03 Jul 2014

UK councils could be required to recycle 70 per cent of waste by 2030

Proposals from European Commission would require a significant increase in the proportion of UK waste diverted from landfill

02 Jul 2014

'World's first' fully recyclable coffee cup is coming to the UK

Green Your Cup inventor hopes to put an end to the 2.5 billion coffee cups thrown way every year

30 Jun 2014

London commuters urged to turn to tap water to slash carbon emissions

Hammersmith Bus Station and Thames Water pilot new HydraChill Water Refilling station

27 Jun 2014

Report: Companies’ plastic use costs environment $75bn each year

Food sector contributes the largest chunk of the financial cost to natural capital, with the oceans facing acute threats, UN study finds

23 Jun 2014

Glastonbury goes green: festival declares war on plastic water bottles

Reusable steel bottles to be distributed as 400 drinking-water taps are erected

23 Jun 2014

Labour promises ‘Stern Review' for resource security

Labour's Barry Gardiner accuses government of neglecting resource security issues and damaging the economy in the process

20 Jun 2014

Barry Gardiner: Resource efficiency can deliver "turbo charger" to the economy

Shadow Environment Minister's speech to the Chartered Institute of Waste Management

20 Jun 2014

Brazil World Cup team flying high on sustainable jet fuel

GOL Airlines using fuel made from inedible corn oil and used cooking oil to power 200 flights during 2014 World Cup

18 Jun 2014

Government U-turn extends plastic bag charges to biodegradable bags

But ministers reject calls from businesses to ensure all retailers face new plastic bag levy

17 Jun 2014

World Cup to kick off on greener, resource efficient pitches

Brazil v Croatia curtain-raiser and England against Uruguay to be played on resource efficient Desso hybrid grass system

12 Jun 2014

Heinz hurls tomatoes at Ford's latest green car project

New collaboration aims to use unwanted tomatoes to create bioplastics

11 Jun 2014

Sainsbury's enlists Google to help tackle food waste challenge

New online tool will offer recipes to help customers take advantage of left over ingredients

09 Jun 2014

Plastic bags and bad science

The Queen's speech revealed the gaps in government's policies to protect the natural environment, says Barry Gardiner

06 Jun 2014

Queen's Speech: the green business reaction

Green economy leaders respond to today's announcements on fracking, zero-carbon homes, plastic bags and climate change

04 Jun 2014

Reports: Queen's Speech to confirm plastic bag levy

Five pence charge due to be introduced by October 2015 in a bid to tackle waste, reports Daily Mail

04 Jun 2014

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