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The Green Party is Kodak - It should be Google

Brendan May

Robertsbridge's Brendan May fears the Green Party's policies and approach mean it is about to blow its biggest opportunity in a generation

18 Dec 2014

Cameron's CCS cheerleading only highlights how he has failed the sector

Smoking chimney emitting pollution

In declaring CCS is likely to play a major role in UK's decarbonisation efforts the Prime Minister draws attention to his failure to deliver progress on carbon capture technology

17 Dec 2014

Greens mull SNP and Plaid Cymru alliance


Three parties meet to discuss plan to "battle the Westminster parties' obsession with austerity"

17 Dec 2014

Barnacle Goose chicks, the energy market, and the failures of state planning

Ovo Energy's Guy Newey reflects on the lessons contained for energy policy in David Attenborough's latest wildlife documentary

17 Dec 2014

US and India to announce joint climate change action during Obama visit

Obama hopes to sustain global warming momentum next month

16 Dec 2014

Lima deal paves path to pragmatic and imperfect Paris Treaty

The denouement to the Lima Summit may have been wearingly familiar, but it raises hopes for a 'we'll do what we can' climate treaty that would deliver a major boost to the global green economy

15 Dec 2014

Lima Call for Climate Action - The reaction

BusinessGreen runs through all the reaction to the latest UN climate agreement

15 Dec 2014

Lima Summit: Late deal paves way for global round of national climate action

Tense negotiations end with roadmap to next year's crucial climate summit in Paris, but campaigners warn it does not go far enough

14 Dec 2014

Lima Summit: Talks continue through the night as latest text sparks angry response

Old divisions remain firmly in place as the talks run into extra time

13 Dec 2014

Lima Summit: Deep divisions continue to mar final day of talks

Officials release condensed draft negotiating text in an attempt to break long-running deadlock

12 Dec 2014

Lima Summit: Tensions mount as negotiators make slow progress

Diplomats play down hopes of a major breakthrough in Lima as countries remain split over dividing lines between industrialised and developing nations

12 Dec 2014

Lima Summit: US downplays hopes of India climate pact, as UN launches Gigaton campaign

Ed Davey throws weight behind 'carbon bubble' hypothesis, as Greenpeace apologises to hosts over protest stunt and UNEP launches 1 Gigaton Coalition

11 Dec 2014

CCC boss: Delaying decarbonisation would leave economy uninsured against climate impacts

Committee on Climate Change's new chief executive, Matthew Bell, makes case for cost effective decarbonisation

11 Dec 2014

Lima Summit: Hopes build for 'Paris Alliance' as Lima Summit edges towards climate deal

The Lima Summit is making progress - an ambitious global climate treaty could well be on the horizon

10 Dec 2014

Green Climate Fund will get $200m from Australia after Tony Abbott's about-turn

Prime minister had previously disparaged the international fund designed to help poor countries adapt to climate change, and said Australia would not contribute

10 Dec 2014

Business energy costs predicted to rise by around a third by 2030

Committee on Climate Change urges businesses and households to embrace energy efficiency measures, as latest report predicts only modest increase in domestic bills

10 Dec 2014

The Treasury data doesn't lie: The UK's green infrastructure strategy is under threat

The government's knee jerk support for high carbon infrastructure risks derailing long term plans to build a genuinely green economy - business groups must lead a fight back

09 Dec 2014

New Climate targets will boost the global market for Climate Innovations

Hero Prins of Climate-KIC explains how the recent flurry of new international climate targets is good news for entrepreneurs

09 Dec 2014

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