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Former US Treasury Secretaries to warn of soaring climate risks

Hurricane from a satellite's view

Bi-partisan 'Risky Business' group to warn of immense corporate risks presented by unmitigated climate change

23 Jun 2014

SolarCity seeks to beat the grid by making its own panels


SolarCity is doing something few solar installers would ever dream of: it's going to make its own cutting-edge solar panels to lower solar energy costs

20 Jun 2014

Tourism losing climate change battle, warns Cambridge study


New report warns that climate impacts pose grave threat to global tourism industry

18 Jun 2014

Obama accuses opponents of action on climate change of posing "a serious threat to everybody's future"

As President announces new $1bn to improve climate resilience, he likens those who reject climate science to people who believe the moon is "made of cheese"

16 Jun 2014

A powerhouse corporate climate coalition says, ‘We Mean Business’

We're about to find out what happens when the lions and lionesses of sustainable business come together to advocate for saner policies and combat climate change

13 Jun 2014

Hillary Clinton hails potential for US to become "21st century clean energy superpower"

Clinton backs Obama's emissions reduction plan and warns that world faces "consequential challenges" from climate change and resource depletion

13 Jun 2014

Worldwide wind power set to double by 2020

New GlobalData analysis also suggests UK was third biggest wind power market in 2013

12 Jun 2014

Obama: 'We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground'

US President warns two degree target will be unachievable without switch to greener energy sources

11 Jun 2014

Energy Department: US gas exports unlikely to help cut emissions

Government-backed report questions claims that shale gas boom will help to curb global greenhouse gas emissions

10 Jun 2014

Lord Deben: Chinese emissions cap could put an end to climate action naysayers

Committee on Climate Change hails major pledges this week from China and USA

05 Jun 2014

Green businesses hail Obama’s carbon-cutting pledge

President dismisses 'naysayers' of new clean power plan with predictions the rule will boost economy

03 Jun 2014

Seven reasons to celebrate Obama's coal crackdown

And one reason why it does not go nearly far enough

02 Jun 2014

USA clean power plan: the reaction

BusinessGreen runs down all the latest reaction to new proposals to cut power sector emissions by 30 per cent

02 Jun 2014

US confirms plans to curb power emissions by 30 per cent

Environmental Protection Agency reveals much-anticipated targets designed to tackle climate change and save up to $93bn

02 Jun 2014

Report: Obama poised to announce 30 per cent cuts to US coal emissions

Obama claims failure to limit carbon emissions from power plants is 'not smart, not safe, and doesn't make sense'

02 Jun 2014

States want 3.3 million electric cars on US roads by 2025

New York and California among eight states working in partnership to accelerate deployment of zero-emission vehicles

30 May 2014

Obama to unveil historic climate change plan to cut US carbon pollution

Proposed regulations could cut carbon pollution by up to 25 per cent but President still faces potential opposition from Republicans

30 May 2014

Even amid recalls, GM declares climate change a positive disrupter

A year after signing the Climate Declaration, and with a new CEO, GM sticks to its guns on harnessing climate change to innovate

30 May 2014

Barclays downgrades US power sector over solar threat

Move hailed as major milestone in transition towards distributed energy supplies and a low carbon economy

30 May 2014

US carbon emissions rising again after five-year decline

Government-backed figures reveal emissions rose in 2013 for the first time since 2007

29 May 2014

How Obama's coal rules could reveal how much faith he has in US green innovation

Policymakers and business leaders around the world prepare for publication of wide-ranging new emissions standards for US power stations

29 May 2014

Why downloading from Netflix could be better for the planet than visiting HMV

New US research reveals carbon impact of video streaming to be much lower than buying or renting DVDs

29 May 2014

Cisco and Kansas City team up to launch smart city network

The city invites all civic-minded entrepreneurs to participate in its "living lab", as Cisco works on smart parking with Streetline

28 May 2014

Campaigners step up calls for Trans-Atlantic Trade talks re-think

Fresh from warnings over the potential impact on environmental regulations, campaign groups slam proposed treaty as "threat to democracy"

21 May 2014

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