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UNEP renewable energy trends report - At a glance

solar panel in Tenerife

The United Nations Environment Programme has today unveiled a major report on global green energy investment for 2013 - BusinessGreen highlights its key findings

07 Apr 2014

UK defies slowdown in global renewables investment

Good Energy Delabole Wind Farm

New UNEP report shows worldwide investment in green energy fell 14 per cent last year as a result of political uncertainty and falling technology costs

07 Apr 2014

UN eyes trillion dollar global green procurement programme

Energy Risk Deals of the Year 2011

Initiative aims to help governments channel public procurement funds towards more sustainable goods and services

02 Apr 2014

World leaders warned time is running out to close widening emissions gap

United Nations Environment Programme calls on governments to step up action to prevent catastrophic climate change

05 Nov 2013

When will paint makers agree to ban lead?

AkzoNobel calls on coatings industry to form voluntary agreement to phase out harmful chemical from the supply chain

21 Oct 2013

Investors demand clearer sustainability reporting

Industry survey finds investors are using sustainability reports but want more transparent and comparable data

23 Jul 2013

UN: Businesses must prepare for a changing climate

Achim Steiner: "Companies that face up to these realities are likely to be the ones that thrive and remain competitive in a rapidly changing world"

21 Jun 2013

UNEP's business risk report - at a glance

The United Nations Environment Programme today issued a major report analysing the economic risks and opportunities caused by climate change

21 Jun 2013

UN: Greening trade can spur sustainable development

Report identifies opportunities for developing nations to benefit from growing global demand for green goods and services

08 May 2013

Doha deal must include permafrost action, says UN

Frozen soils could account for 39 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions as temperatures rise, report warns

27 Nov 2012

UN: World "actively moving in the wrong direction" on climate change

Even meeting emissions commitment will leave the planet far beyond internationally agreed limits, report finds

21 Nov 2012

Ignoring natural capital could see countries' credit ratings downgraded

UN warns vulnerability to commodity price spikes can damage nations' balance of payments

20 Nov 2012

Countries pledge to double biodiversity funding by 2015

UN summit in Hyderabad ends with renewed commitment to conservation efforts, but levels of finance pledged remain unclear

22 Oct 2012

Solar boom pushes global renewables investment to $257bn in 2011

Enormous 75 per cent annual increase in global solar capacity takes sector financing to record levels

11 Jun 2012

Global environment deteriorating despite international targets

UN report finds just four of 90 climate goals are showing 'significant progress', pushing the planet beyond its limits

07 Jun 2012

Five things we learnt this week

From green jobs galore to the power of Icelandic volcanoes, we run down the top green business stories of the week

01 Jun 2012

UN: Transition to green economy would create millions of jobs

Report says up to 60 million new jobs could be created by global shift to cleaner energy, technology and industry

01 Jun 2012

Adventurer to cross Africa in electric post van

Xavier Chevrin is travelling the 4,800km from Nairobi to Johannesburg to highlight reliability of electric vehicles

14 May 2012

Balance prosperity with emissions, Asian nations warned

UN report argues countries cannot go all out for growth and forget environmental responsibilities

10 May 2012

Environmental factors must be included in GDP, say scientists

Governments warned failing to account for externalities will make climate change harder to manage

20 Feb 2012

US leads charge on black carbon reduction

US contributes $12m to new UN project to cut substances that accelerate climate change and damage health

16 Feb 2012

Survey: Profit incentive derailing sustainability

Experts polled for UN-backed research name short-termism as biggest barrier to green transition

27 Jan 2012

UN takes on black carbon in attempt to slow climate change

Low cost options to reduce particles could save lives, protect crops, and limit global temperature rise, report says

25 Nov 2011

UN: Countries must close gap between emissions "ambition and reality"

New study warns that even if governments meet all their climate commitments, the emissions will still be 6 GtCO2e above a safe level

23 Nov 2011

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