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New Environment Agency chairman has fracking links

fracking shale gas site

Sir Philip Dilley was previously chairman of engineering firm that wrote environmental reports on fracking for Cuadrilla

23 Jul 2014

China wants 30 per cent of state cars to be low carbon


Government makes latest move to tackle hazardous smog in major cities

14 Jul 2014

Neonicotinoids linked to recent fall in farmland bird numbers


Research demonstrates for the first time the knock-on effects to other species of class of insecticides known to harm bees

11 Jul 2014

High Court rules solar firms entitled to compensation over illegal subsidy cuts

Solar companies to pursue claim for £132m after crucial ruling, as government signals that it will appeal against court decision

09 Jul 2014

World Bank: World must brace for more megadisasters

World Bank and Japanese government call for shift from reactive to resilient policies

03 Jul 2014

Industry welcomes EU Court ruling on national green energy subsidies

EU Court of Justice backs Swedish refusal to subsidise a Finnish wind farm, ensuring power companies cannot shop around for support

02 Jul 2014

Green energy contracts too generous, National Audit Office says

Industry moves to defend contracts for offshore wind and biomass projects against NAO claim they may have inflated costs for consumers

27 Jun 2014

Deadline for green computers in Europe draws near

Hardware firms must adhere to new energy consumption limits from 1 July

25 Jun 2014

Government presses ahead with electricity market reforms

Secondary legislation laid in Parliament for programme designed to attract £100bn of investment into UK energy sector

23 Jun 2014

France prioritises renewables with sweeping new energy legislation

New energy bill aims to provide a major boost to renewables as government proposes nuclear power cap

23 Jun 2014

GM and Europe: We are in this together

The Green Party's Natalie Bennett warns that the latest European Council compromise on GM crops could serve as a "Trojan horse" for the controversial technology

23 Jun 2014

Why all enterprises need to prepare for the EU's latest 'game-changing' energy efficiency rules

The government's new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme may not be perfect, argues Andrew Warren, but it could still deliver a big boost to energy efficiency

19 Jun 2014

Government U-turn extends plastic bag charges to biodegradable bags

But ministers reject calls from businesses to ensure all retailers face new plastic bag levy

17 Jun 2014

EU: 11 countries breach of air pollution limits in 2012

France, Germany and Ireland among those emitting too many pollutants, as UK remains on track to meet its goals

13 Jun 2014

Does the UK need an Environmental Bank Holiday?

Fabian Society predicts dedicated 'clean up day' would help foster a new sense of green community spirit that would even appeal to UKIP voters

10 Jun 2014

Finland becomes latest country to pass national Climate Change Act

New law, modelled on UK's pioneering Climate Change Act, sets legally-binding target to cut Finnish emissions 80 per cent by 2050

06 Jun 2014

Queen's Speech: the green business reaction

Green economy leaders respond to today's announcements on fracking, zero-carbon homes, plastic bags and climate change

04 Jun 2014

Queen's Speech: UK to "champion a global agreement on climate change"

Opening of parliament confirms government plans to boost fracking, charge for plastic bags, and deliver zero-carbon homes

04 Jun 2014

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