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Green trucks, green cars, and green canals all set for EU boost

Coca-cola tests biomethane Iveco lorry

European Parliament backs a raft of reforms designed to cut emissions and fuel use across the transport sector

16 Apr 2014

European Parliament approves green reporting rules for 6,000 firms


Large companies across the EU to face new non-financial reporting regulations, after long-awaited rules are passed by MEPs

16 Apr 2014

Reports: China poised to beef up national Environmental Protection Law

Boat in China

Reuters' reports suggest reforms to national environmental law will provide officials with sweeping new powers to tackle polluters

16 Apr 2014

Defra: Cutting green tape will save businesses £1.5bn

Government set to reduce environmental legislation by 80 per cent in volume following controversial Red Tape Challenge

11 Apr 2014

JLL reveals hopes for new 'Plan A-style' sustainability strategy

Property giant confirms it is working on plans for a major new environmental initiative

09 Apr 2014

IPCC report: Scientists urge world to embrace 'exciting' new technologies to tackle climate change

Co-chair of latest IPCC report says countries have struggled to develop climate change policies because the topic is "such a downer"

31 Mar 2014

EU leaders must act now to put Europe on the right path towards a competitive future

The CBI's Nicola Walker argues that only an ambitious EU climate change package can deliver investor certainty the business community needs

20 Mar 2014

Budget 2014 – The green business wishlist

Retaining carbon taxes, boosting energy efficiency, and tackling climate change are among the issues George Osborne should address

19 Mar 2014

Blue chips call for binding EU energy saving target

Philips, Siemens and GE among group of 31 firms to call on EU leadership to deliver more ambitious energy efficiency policy

18 Mar 2014

Are we fit to frack? Yes, we are

Ken Cronin of industry group UKOOG argues many of the risks posed by fracking highlighted by conservation groups are already being addressed

17 Mar 2014

Climate Makers and Takers

Tom Burke argues that for too long green economic debates have been dominated by "climate makers" - it is time for the "climate takers" to fight back

17 Mar 2014

Government scientists call for growth in GM crops market

Chief Scientific Advisor calls for relaxation of EU regulation for the controversial technology

14 Mar 2014

EU exempts shale gas from tougher environmental assessments

Green groups infuriated regulatory changes do not include fracking, as move to beef up biodiversity protection welcomed

14 Mar 2014

Shell admits climate policy threat to profits

Oil major's 2013 Strategic Report highlights company will face project delays and higher costs unless it can reduce emissions

14 Mar 2014

Does the UK need fracking exclusion zones?

National Trust, RSPB, and Wildlife Trust publish new 10-point plan designed to ensure UK shale gas regulation is fit for purpose

13 Mar 2014

MEPs back plans to bin plastic bags

Legislation aims to reduce single use carrier bag handouts by 80 per cent over the next five years

11 Mar 2014

China prepares next wave of environmental regulations

New report confirms plan to make polluters pay through strengthened environmental law

10 Mar 2014

Carbon tax cuts Australian corporate emissions as climate debate rages

Government figures show a seven per cent drop in emissions in the first year of the levy, which is set for the chop next year

10 Mar 2014

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