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IKEA to put green Swedish meatballs on the menu


Head of sustainability Joanna Yarrow reveals plans to reduce carbon intensity of retail giant's famous meatballs

17 Apr 2014

How Yerdle and Patagonia are boosting the sharing economy


The online marketplace and outdoor-product company are helping to reshape how people interact with their stuff

17 Apr 2014

Sainsbury's launches dedicated Easter egg recycling scheme

Grace Cunningham using Sainsbury's 100th recycling centre

Supermarket giant to provide special recycling points in store for Easter egg packaging in latest attempt to cut waste levels

14 Apr 2014

IKEA starts to assemble US wind portfolio

Company purchases first US wind farm in largest renewable energy investment to date

11 Apr 2014

Walmart and GE team up for global LED rollout

Retail giant plans to cut lighting energy use by 40 per cent by switching stores around the world to LED lighting

10 Apr 2014

Unilever boss reveals company already being impacted by climate change

Paul Polman warns that "left unchecked, climate change has the potential to become a significant barrier to our growth strategy, and that of just about every other company"

09 Apr 2014

Paul Polman: Tackling climate change will deliver "a better future for us all"

Paul Polman's Grantham Institute for Climate Change Annual Lecture - in full

09 Apr 2014

Supermarkets told to tackle waste by taking BOGOFs off the shelves

Peers call for urgent action to reduce the 15 million tonnes of food wasted in the UK each year - but rules out anaerobic digestion rollout

08 Apr 2014

Ethical goods more popular than cigarettes and alcohol

Green goods market bucks recession in 2012 with 12 per cent growth

27 Mar 2014

Sainsbury’s secures judicial review over Tesco's 'green' product comparison

Legal battle over Tesco’s decision to compare the price of Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade products set to continue

25 Mar 2014

Waitrose rolls out low carbon lorries

Supermarket trials six aerodynamic, dual-fuel trucks developed in conjunction with Cambridge University

18 Mar 2014

Canary Wharf takes recycling efforts to the next level

Fresh from becoming first property company to secure Carbon Trust Waste Standard, Canary Wharf Group reveals how its waste management strategy is cutting costs and emissions

12 Mar 2014

Jessica Alba, sustainability entrepreneur, calls honesty the best policy

At GreenBiz Forum 2014, the Hollywood actress and environmental scientist Christopher Gavigan talked about their safer, accessible line of personal care products for families

28 Feb 2014

Sainsbury's to drive green gains with expanded dual-fuel truck fleet

Clean Air Power celebrates as company awarded contract to provide supermarket giant with 50 more dual-fuel truck retrofits

25 Feb 2014

Replace business rates with energy tax, argue retailers

British Retail Consortium proposes overhaul of tax system to drive investment in energy efficient property

19 Feb 2014

Green voluntary sector agreements work; just look at the track record

WRAP's Dr Richard Swannell argues voluntary environmental agreements like the fashion industry's latest commitment can make a big difference in a pre-competitive space

12 Feb 2014

Fast fashion industry tailors new sustainability goals

Marks & Spencer, Next, and Arcadia Group among those striving to meet new voluntary targets as part of Sustainable Clothing Action Plan

11 Feb 2014

Primark pledges to phase out toxic chemicals

Greenpeace hails landmark commitment as 20 retailers now promise to detox supply chains

10 Feb 2014

Organic food back in vogue as sales increase

Shoppers are now more concerned with the quality of what they eat, say retailers

10 Feb 2014

Directgreen launches to help small retailers invest in environment

New service aims to make it easy for businesses and their customers to reduce their environmental impacts

07 Feb 2014

IKEA to light up refugee camps through new solar campaign

Retail giant to donate €1 for solar lighting in refugee camps for every LED lightbulb sold until April

05 Feb 2014

Minister gets carbon savings of plastic bags massively wrong

Erroneous claim of 5p charge cutting emissions equivalent of 2.2m cars 'symptomatic' of a struggling department, critics say

04 Feb 2014

UK retailers stack up a fresh round of green achievements

Supermarkets pledge emissions reductions and improved transparency over the amount of food waste they generate in new industry-wide strategy

30 Jan 2014

Paterson: "Growth and sustainable practices can go hand in hand"

Controversial Environment Secretary hails the impressive performance of green retail firms

30 Jan 2014

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