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IKEA to put green Swedish meatballs on the menu


Head of sustainability Joanna Yarrow reveals plans to reduce carbon intensity of retail giant's famous meatballs

17 Apr 2014

European Parliament approves green reporting rules for 6,000 firms


Large companies across the EU to face new non-financial reporting regulations, after long-awaited rules are passed by MEPs

16 Apr 2014

Tesco makes case for stricter carbon reporting rules


Tesco's Caroline Sindrey reveals how the retail giant gets value from reporting on its carbon emissions

09 Apr 2014

Accenture slashes emissions by more than a third

Consultancy giant's latest corporate citizenship report confirms emissions per employee have fallen 36 per cent since 2007

01 Apr 2014

ExxonMobil agrees to report on climate change's effect on business model

Oil giant bows to pressure from activists who want companies to acknowledge the changes wrought by government action

21 Mar 2014

State of Green Business: Buildings and companies go positive

The "net positive" movement heralds promising change for buildings, water and products - but it needs to move beyond the buzzword

28 Feb 2014

UK finally backs EU's green reporting legislation

European Council agrees to new transparency rules that will apply to publicly listed companies with more than 500 employees

26 Feb 2014

Natural capital gets its own business hub

Not sure where to start to address natural capital in your company? Enter the Natural Capital Business Hub

21 Feb 2014

Microsoft snaps up Madagascan rainforest protection credits

Tech giant becomes first buyer of carbon credits for Makira REDD+ scheme

18 Feb 2014

EU set to vote on 'watered down' green corporate reporting rules

New compromise deal meets UK demands to exempt private companies from new green reporting directive

17 Feb 2014

State of Green Business: Shadow pricing steps into the limelight

Walmart, Disney and General Motors are among the powerful companies putting a price tag on environmental impacts

07 Feb 2014

Updated: UK confirms that it hit first carbon budget

But data shows emissions on the rise as economy recovers from recession

04 Feb 2014

IKEA reveals demand for LEDs has reached tipping point

Sustainability report confirms company has made rapid progress to reduce supply chain impacts and drive green product design

29 Jan 2014

Cancelling corporate flights saves companies £2m

12 UK firms drive down costs and carbon footprint by cutting flights 38 per cent through WWF One in Five initiative

23 Jan 2014

US carbon emissions up two per cent as coal fights back

Shift towards gas and renewables stalls, with carbon intensive coal making modest recovery

14 Jan 2014

How suburbs are wiping out cities' carbon savings

Major new US study shows how the low carbon footprint of city-dwellers is being offset by colleagues living in high-carbon suburbs

09 Jan 2014

Government's latest green corporate reporting push faces delays

Long-awaited guidelines to help smaller businesses report on their environmental impacts are still in the pipeline, BIS confirms

07 Jan 2014

Scots government saves millions as it curbs flying habit

WWF confirms Scottish government saved more than half a million pounds per year through slashing business flights

02 Jan 2014

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