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Corporates should be forced to value 'vast' environmental impact, researchers say

Two boys in a boat examining the obvious pollution in a river

New study by University of East Anglia finds too few companies are measuring full costs of their resource use

25 Jun 2014

UK data centres poised to power up emissions savings

Facebook Lulea datacentre in Sweden

Sector expected to sign first agreements to improve efficiency in return for carbon tax rebates later this year

17 Jun 2014

Is Scotland really on track to hit its climate change targets?

Oil rig

Scotland's 2020 Climate Group urges businesses to ramp up carbon-cutting efforts after figures reveal 2012 emissions rose

11 Jun 2014

Carbon calculator helps solar firms map environmental footprint

New LCA To Go tool from Ecodesign Centre Wales aims to improve payback time for small solar arrays

09 Jun 2014

Our forests are not for sale

Friends of the Earth warns that biodiversity offsetting could undermine the value of nature

09 Jun 2014

How CDP heralded a new age of carbon reporting

Paul Dickinson: "I do not believe we are a factor in the construction of this system, I believe we are the system"

04 Jun 2014

EU on track to 'overshoot' 2020 carbon target

New figures reveal EU 28 had curbed emissions by 19 per cent by the end of 2012

03 Jun 2014

China to limit carbon emissions for first time, climate adviser claims

Absolute cap to come into effect from 2016, top official says on the day after US announces ambitious carbon plan

03 Jun 2014

How Interserve is building the low carbon business case

Company grew by 50 per cent after acquiring Initial, but it is still determined to meet goal of halving emissions by 2020

03 Jun 2014

Reports: Shell mulls carbon price hike in face of new climate regs

Royal Dutch Shell CO2 executive reveals company currently prices carbon at $40 per tonne

02 Jun 2014

Would a 'carbon tariff' on solar panels solve EU-China trade spat?

Researchers call for new tax that would take account of significantly bigger carbon footprint of Chinese solar modules

02 Jun 2014

Mobile laser lab joins air pollution battle

State-of-the-art facility can be quickly deployed to measure and map emissions at industrial sites across the globe

30 May 2014

US carbon emissions rising again after five-year decline

Government-backed figures reveal emissions rose in 2013 for the first time since 2007

29 May 2014

Why downloading from Netflix could be better for the planet than visiting HMV

New US research reveals carbon impact of video streaming to be much lower than buying or renting DVDs

29 May 2014

BT reveals it has slashed emissions by a quarter

Annual sustainability report confirms emissions from global business fell 25.5 per cent last year, putting company comfortably on track to meet 2020 goal

23 May 2014

Will flexible working really shrink your carbon footprint?

Carbon Trust analysis reveals homeworking only delivers net carbon savings for those who live far from their offices

21 May 2014

Emissions from 10 food and drinks companies 'higher than Scandinavia'

Cereal and soft drinks brands among top polluters singled out in Oxfam report for not doing enough on climate

20 May 2014

Tour de France's Grand Départ aims to seize green jersey

Leeds City Council to assess impact of start of cycling's toughest race in bid to deliver more sustainable public events in the future

19 May 2014

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