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Norway pledges to ramp up wealth fund's renewables investment


Campaigners warn promise to increase investment in clean energy does not go far enough

07 Apr 2014

ExxonMobil agrees to report on climate change's effect on business model


Oil giant bows to pressure from activists who want companies to acknowledge the changes wrought by government action

21 Mar 2014

Shell admits climate policy threat to profits


Oil major's 2013 Strategic Report highlights company will face project delays and higher costs unless it can reduce emissions

14 Mar 2014

Norwegian government reviews fossil fuel divestment plan

Independent panel to assess whether country's giant wealth fund should quit oil, coal and gas investments

03 Mar 2014

Peterhead carbon capture and storage project snares UK funding

Ed Davey confirms "multi-million pound contract" for project trapping CO2 from gas-fired power station and burying it under the North Sea

24 Feb 2014

Natural Environment Research Council inks controversial research partnership with Shell

Greenpeace brands Memorandum of Understanding a "grubby deal diverting public money into the pockets of the world's largest corporation"

10 Feb 2014

Shell scraps Arctic drilling plans for 2014

Company confirms US legal battle means further delays for controversial exploration

30 Jan 2014

Oil price volatility undermines economic growth, says Sir David King

Report co-authored by the former government chief scientific adviser says fossil fuels damage more than the environment

28 Jan 2014

Shell's Arctic drilling set back by US court ruling

Appeal court rules environmental risks have not been properly assessed by government in victory for green groups

24 Jan 2014

Shell facing tough questions over Arctic ventures as profit warning hits home

Could Shell's financial woes be a sign of things to come as oil majors face up to escalating costs?

17 Jan 2014

BP: Global emissions to soar 29 per cent by 2035

Energy Outlook report predicts that while renewable capacity will grow at over six per cent a year, emissions are set to keep climbing

15 Jan 2014

Shock-warning - The Energy of Nations and the prospect of economic catastrophe

Jeremy Leggett's new book warns things could "get much worse before they get better" - it is a sobering alarm call about the very real prospects of oil shocks and climate crises

15 Jan 2014

No fracking for the Magic Kingdom? Disney abandons oil-sponsored schools programme

Radio Disney ditches partnership with initiative that sought to educate children on fossil fuel technologies

13 Jan 2014

Anti-fracking protests fail to halt interest in shale gas

Other energy giants seem likely to follow in footsteps of Total, the first big oil company to invest in Britain's shale sector

13 Jan 2014

Military experts voice oil shock fears

Transatlantic Security Dialogue meeting hears how soaring capex costs and the rapid decline of established oil fields could pose a severe threat to oil supplies

13 Jan 2014

Report: Keystone XL benefits a "mirage" for oil sands investors

Approval would encourage investment into risky high-cost, high-carbon projects that could end up stranded

27 Nov 2013

Masdar digs deep for Middle East's first carbon capture project

Abu Dhabi investment fund joins with national oil company to develop $122.5m CCUS infrastructure project

14 Nov 2013

Delegates frustrated as talks to create huge Antarctic marine reserves fail

Russia, Ukraine and China scupper plans to protect 'last intact ocean ecosystem on earth'

01 Nov 2013

Do you really want your oil from the Arctic?

Responsible businesses need to ask if they are comfortable supporting Arctic oil exploration - Arctic-free oil can be made a reality

18 Oct 2013

Could accountants deflate the 'carbon bubble'?

Report from Carbon Tracker and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants argues sector has key role to play in tackling climate-related investment risks

18 Oct 2013

UK aims to become hub for Arctic oil exploration

Foreign Office strategy likely to enrage conservationists while Greenpeace activists are imprisoned in Russia

17 Oct 2013

Osborne talks up oil and gas - and renewables

Chancellor hails renewables as being "an increasingly important part of the energy mix", as he also stresses the importance of maximising oil and gas production

03 Sep 2013

BP accuses Louisiana leaders of 'political grandstanding' over oil spill

Oil company and US state embroiled in war of words over cleanup operations after 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster

30 Aug 2013

UK oil and gas investment reaches record high

Industry says Chancellor's tax breaks will drive investment to £13.5bn over the course of the year

22 Aug 2013

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