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2Co Energy in talks to sell Don Valley CCS project

Chimney emitting pollution at Conesville power plant

Project that failed to secure first wave of government CCS backing could be sold to Norwegian developer

09 Jul 2014

Here's why oil is poised for disruption


In the new land of opportunity, oil is no longer in the picture as it is now

27 Jun 2014

We are living through a slow motion global energy crisis - and only clean tech can save us


BP's latest statistical report should be a wake-up call, that it is not suggests we are sleep-walking into a climate and energy disaster

20 Jun 2014

Enbridge faces local opposition over tar sands pipeline, despite federal approval

First Nation groups vow to continue fight against controversial tar sands pipeline

20 Jun 2014

The terrifying trends concealed in BP's Statistical Review

Oil prices remain near record highs, the world is reliant on the US gas boom, and renewables make up just a fraction of the energy mix - for BP this is evidence of 'the strength' of the global energy system

17 Jun 2014

Ibiza unites against oil prospectors

The waters surrounding the Balearic party island are a world heritage site – and conservationists, politicians and tourist chiefs are adamant that plans to drill in the sea must be stopped

16 Jun 2014

Former Shell boss slams oil industry over slow progress on CCS

Carbon Trust chairman James Smith argues oil industry can play a role in a low-carbon world, but only if it starts to take CCS more seriously

16 Jun 2014

James Smith: 'This generation has the opportunity to put the world on a sustainable footing'

The Carbon Trust chair and former Shell boss reckons the oil industry can decarbonise, but only if it starts to take carbon capture and storage seriously

16 Jun 2014

Soco halts oil exploration in Africa's Virunga national park

British oil company bows to pressure and abandons drilling in volatile and biodiverse region of Democratic Republic of Congo

11 Jun 2014

George Osborne accused of making climate change worse with tax breaks

Friends of the Earth claims chancellor handed out £2.7bn of incentives to North Sea oil and gas firms

02 Jun 2014

IEA raises oil supply concerns

Agency warns significant increase in OPEC production needed to match rising demand later this year

19 May 2014

Report: UK fossil fuel reserves will be gone in five years' time

Report warns of increasing dependence on imports if UK and other European countries do not accelerate clean energy deployment

16 May 2014

Speaking with a forked tongue

Tom Burke explores how ExxonMobil's web of carefully worded caveats reveals how the oil major is still refusing to take climate risks seriously

14 May 2014

Europe should stop Arctic oil from entering its ports

MEP Ivo Belet argues Russian oil from the Arctic poses huge risks to the environment and Europe's energy security

09 May 2014

Greenpeace targets Total in latest Arctic oil protest

Activists aim to prevent first shipment of offshore oil extracted from the fragile region being delivered to French energy giant

01 May 2014

Norway pledges to ramp up wealth fund's renewables investment

Campaigners warn promise to increase investment in clean energy does not go far enough

07 Apr 2014

ExxonMobil agrees to report on climate change's effect on business model

Oil giant bows to pressure from activists who want companies to acknowledge the changes wrought by government action

21 Mar 2014

Shell admits climate policy threat to profits

Oil major's 2013 Strategic Report highlights company will face project delays and higher costs unless it can reduce emissions

14 Mar 2014

Norwegian government reviews fossil fuel divestment plan

Independent panel to assess whether country's giant wealth fund should quit oil, coal and gas investments

03 Mar 2014

Peterhead carbon capture and storage project snares UK funding

Ed Davey confirms "multi-million pound contract" for project trapping CO2 from gas-fired power station and burying it under the North Sea

24 Feb 2014

Natural Environment Research Council inks controversial research partnership with Shell

Greenpeace brands Memorandum of Understanding a "grubby deal diverting public money into the pockets of the world's largest corporation"

10 Feb 2014

Shell scraps Arctic drilling plans for 2014

Company confirms US legal battle means further delays for controversial exploration

30 Jan 2014

Oil price volatility undermines economic growth, says Sir David King

Report co-authored by the former government chief scientific adviser says fossil fuels damage more than the environment

28 Jan 2014

Shell's Arctic drilling set back by US court ruling

Appeal court rules environmental risks have not been properly assessed by government in victory for green groups

24 Jan 2014

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