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Europe stuck with coal unless UK takes action, campaigners warn

Piles of coal

Sandbag Report calls on legislators in Brussels and Westminster to change tack as coal emissions continue to rise

24 Jul 2014

EU Commission proposes energy efficiency goal for 2030

E.ON smart meter

30 per cent target designed to curb emissions and boost energy security amid Ukraine crisis

23 Jul 2014

European wind industry slashes growth forecasts

RWE Gwynt y Mor offshore wind farm

EWEA predicts 192.4GW of installed capacity by 2020, blaming economic slowdown, policy uncertainty, and falling energy demand

23 Jul 2014

Davey renews calls for an end to "unhealthy low" carbon prices

UK government publishes position paper on Emission Trading Scheme reforms calling for the cancellation of an 'ambitious volume' of excess allowances

17 Jul 2014

Neonicotinoids linked to recent fall in farmland bird numbers

Research demonstrates for the first time the knock-on effects to other species of class of insecticides known to harm bees

11 Jul 2014

Industry welcomes EU Court ruling on national green energy subsidies

EU Court of Justice backs Swedish refusal to subsidise a Finnish wind farm, ensuring power companies cannot shop around for support

02 Jul 2014

Deadline for green computers in Europe draws near

Hardware firms must adhere to new energy consumption limits from 1 July

25 Jun 2014

Corporates add voice to calls for EU energy efficiency target calls

Philips and Siemens among companies arguing ambitious efficiency goal is most cost-effective way to cut emissions and improve energy security

20 Jun 2014

Green Growth Group urges EU to revamp energy security strategy

Major new report, backed by the UK and Germany, highlights the economic and energy security gains on offer from an ambitious EU decarbonisation strategy

19 Jun 2014

Germany officially backs calls for new EU energy-efficiency target

Country submits documents arguing binding goal would add impetus to efforts to boost EU's energy security

17 Jun 2014

Russia cuts off Ukraine gas supplies as European energy security concerns escalate

Gazprom confirms it will only supply gas to Ukraine if the country pays upfront for any imports

16 Jun 2014

EU biofuels cap 'higher than UK would like', minister admits

Baroness Kramer says country will support compromise deal to limit crop-based biofuels as member states dig their heels in

16 Jun 2014

Corporate leaders demand EU climate ambition to help tackle energy security

Europe is at a 'crossroads' and must choose low-carbon system or risk becoming increasingly uncompetitive, business leaders warn

13 Jun 2014

EU: 11 countries breach of air pollution limits in 2012

France, Germany and Ireland among those emitting too many pollutants, as UK remains on track to meet its goals

13 Jun 2014

EY: Decarbonisation promises to slash European energy import dependence

Major new report warns business-as-usual strategy is loaded with energy security risks and infrastructure costs

10 Jun 2014

EU on track to 'overshoot' 2020 carbon target

New figures reveal EU 28 had curbed emissions by 19 per cent by the end of 2012

03 Jun 2014

Power industry: EU could save £66bn per year with single market

New Eurelectric report calls for end to national renewable energy subsidy schemes in favour of stronger carbon price

02 Jun 2014

Would a 'carbon tariff' on solar panels solve EU-China trade spat?

Researchers call for new tax that would take account of significantly bigger carbon footprint of Chinese solar modules

02 Jun 2014

Energy security plan keeps EU hooked on fossil fuel imports, warn green groups

Campaigners says package designed to reduce dependence on foreign oil and gas gives insufficient weight to indigenous clean energy sources

29 May 2014

EU agrees biofuels compromise in an attempt to restore policy certainty

Industry welcomes prospect of policy certainty after ministers strike deal to cap level of crop-based biofuels

29 May 2014

EU car makers on track to beat 2021 emissions goals

Volvo, Toyota, Renault set to pass 95g/km mark by 2020, prompting NGO to accuse manufacturers of 'scaremongering' over green regulations

28 May 2014

Natalie Bennett calls on main parties to face down UKIP climate scepticism

Buoyant Green Party Leader prepares to demand place in pre-election TV debates, as Party celebrates gains at European and Council level

27 May 2014

Will the rise of anti-EU parties derail Europe’s environmental ambitions?

Brussels insiders remain optimistic the EU can still pass ambitious 2030 carbon targets, despite a rising tide of scepticism

27 May 2014

European Elections: Greens celebrate fourth place finish, as UKIP dominates

Greens fall short of hoped-for trebling of MEPs, but the party still pushed the Lib Dems into fifth place

27 May 2014

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