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EU warned energy efficiency plans are slipping

EU and UK flags

Study finds just three member states are on course to meet energy saving targets, with the UK among the laggards

24 Apr 2014

Davey downplays fears EU climate strategy is vulnerable to Eurosceptic renaissance

EU flag

Energy and Climate Secretary confident European elections will not derail 2030 climate package

22 Apr 2014

European Parliament votes to slash plastic bag waste

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MEPs back new laws to crack down on plastic bags, despite opposition from Conservative MEPs

17 Apr 2014

European Parliament approves green reporting rules for 6,000 firms

Large companies across the EU to face new non-financial reporting regulations, after long-awaited rules are passed by MEPs

16 Apr 2014

How an ambitious waste strategy could slash the EU's carbon footprint

New report reveals how co-ordinated action to cut waste levels could create 750,000 jobs and deliver emissions savings equivalent to taking 40 per cent of cars off Europe's roads

07 Apr 2014

EU accused of "compromise too far" as it ditches aviation emissions rules

European Parliament approves plan for airlines to only submit carbon allowances for flights between EU airports

03 Apr 2014

Farage and Clegg clash over climate change

UKIP leader touts fracking as solution to UK's energy needs in latest debate with Nick Clegg on Britain's role in Europe

03 Apr 2014

China and EU pledge joint climate action

Joint statement commits countries to "credible and verifiable domestic action" on emissions ahead of Paris climate summit

02 Apr 2014

EU carbon price rides the "rollercoaster" as emissions fall

New figures from Thomson Reuters Point Carbon estimate EU industrial emissions fell 3.1 per cent last year, prompting carbon market bullishness

02 Apr 2014

European leaders ask Obama to allow increased exports of US shale gas

EU seeks to break Russian stranglehold on energy supplies – but US president says Europe must step up its own fracking

27 Mar 2014

Cameron calls for further fracking after Crimea "wake-up call"

Prime Minister says shale gas offers Europe a chance to reduce its dependence on oil and gas imports from Russia

26 Mar 2014

EU climate and energy policy package delay - the reaction

All the reaction to today's news from across the green economy

21 Mar 2014

EU delays 2030 climate and energy policy package until October

Industry warns of delays to clean energy investment and risk to energy security unless decisions are taken soon

21 Mar 2014

Vested interests, emerging interests, and obstacles for the green agenda

Jos Dings of Transport & Environment defends green campaigners' record in driving cleaner EU transport policies

21 Mar 2014

EU aviation emissions compromise rejected by MEPs

If plenary echoes EU Parliament's no vote, airlines could face full emissions trading coming back into force

20 Mar 2014

EU leaders must act now to put Europe on the right path towards a competitive future

The CBI's Nicola Walker argues that only an ambitious EU climate change package can deliver investor certainty the business community needs

20 Mar 2014

Greenpeace: European supergrid could save billions

New report argues that overhaul of energy infrastructure could drastically cut costs of renewable energy

20 Mar 2014

David Cameron's EU performance tomorrow is more important to the UK's future than the Budget

Matthew Spencer and Nick Mabey argue the really critical long term policy signals for the green economy will not be found in the Chancellor's red box

19 Mar 2014

Blue chips call for binding EU energy saving target

Philips, Siemens and GE among group of 31 firms to call on EU leadership to deliver more ambitious energy efficiency policy

18 Mar 2014

Obama and EU poised for climate change collaboration

Draft communique includes commitment to sustainable development, as UN diplomats make painfully slow progress at talks in Bonn

17 Mar 2014

EU dials up plan for standardised phone chargers

Manufacturers likely to have to offer European customers a common charger from 2017

17 Mar 2014

EU exempts shale gas from tougher environmental assessments

Green groups infuriated regulatory changes do not include fracking, as move to beef up biodiversity protection welcomed

14 Mar 2014

EU Parliament votes to phase out 'super' greenhouse gases

New law would ban hydrofluorocarbons in commercial refrigeration by 2022

13 Mar 2014

Study: Wind power saves Europe €2.4bn worth of water each year

New report calls on governments to factor water efficiency gains into energy policy decisions

12 Mar 2014

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