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Californian firms hail climate action as great economic opportunity


Apple, SolarCity, Intel and San Diego International Airport among group of 140 Californian firms to sign new climate declaration

28 Feb 2014

Obama announces plan for $1bn climate resilience fund

Parched soil by the White Nile in Khartoum Sudan

Fiscal 2015 budget to include new climate resilience funding, as California provided with fresh funds to tackle crippling drought

18 Feb 2014

Scientists hail nuclear fusion breakthrough

A metallic case called a hohlraum holds the fuel capsule for NIF experiments - photo Eduard Dewald-LLNL

Experiment successfully produces energy from fusion reaction, although self-powering systems remain a long way off

13 Feb 2014

California governor defends high-speed rail investment

Controversial rail link the main beneficiary as Governor Brown unveils $850m green project budget

10 Jan 2014

California carbon cap and trade scheme off to strong start

New report from Environmental Defense Fund hails "well constructed" emissions trading scheme's successful first year

09 Jan 2014

Why Angela Merkel holds the key to saving the world's carbon market

New Reuters Point Carbon report shows carbon market value sank 38 per cent in 2013, despite strong growth in North America and emerging pilots in China

03 Jan 2014

US and Canadian governors ink ambitious Pacific climate pact

Four jurisdictions agree to align low carbon policies, potentially paving way for carbon-trading scheme

30 Oct 2013

Is London heading for an electric bike revolution?

Mayor Boris Johnson confirms hundreds of e-bikes will be rolled out in Haringey next year, as Tesla opens outlet in Westfield shopping centre

25 Oct 2013

HyperLoop high-speed rail project accelerates investment drive

$6bn network designed to cut journey time between San Francisco and Los Angeles to 30 minutes has turned to crowdfunding sites

30 Sep 2013

World's largest concentrated solar power project comes online

Google-backed 392MW Ivanpah solar plant in California started to produce power this week

26 Sep 2013

California free to impose carbon fuel cap, court rules

Judges clear way for Low Carbon Fuel Standard to impose a 10 per cent cut in transport fuel emissions by 2020

20 Sep 2013

Western US leading green energy goldrush

Report finds 13 Western State produced almost a third of their energy from renewable sources compared to an eighth nationally

18 Sep 2013

Legal action targets alleged shampoo carcinogens

Center for Environmental Health claims a number of brands are using cocamide diethanolamine in personal care products

02 Sep 2013

California and Australia bolster carbon trading ties

Memorandum of understanding comes weeks after Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pledged to accelerate introduction of emissions trading scheme

31 Jul 2013

Los Angeles poised to bin plastic bags for good

City on the verge of banning stores from distributing single-use plastic grocery bags

20 Jun 2013

Cheap carbon capture process could also protect marine life, scientists say

US researchers propose method of removing CO2 from the atmosphere while generating byproducts that can neutralise acidification

30 May 2013

Walmart pleads guilty to dumping hazardous waste in California

Walmart to pay $81m as part of the plea after admitting dumping pollutants from stores into drains in 16 California counties

29 May 2013

California governor green lights carbon market link with Quebec

Jerry Brown says two markets could link up from January next year

09 Apr 2013

Los Angeles set to ditch coal power

City power company to replace electricity supply with renewables, energy efficiency, and natural gas

20 Mar 2013

California's second carbon auction exceeds expectations

CO2 permits for 2013 clear $2.91 above floor price, as EU committee again discusses propping up ailing Emissions Trading System

25 Feb 2013

How Andronico's is busting barriers to cut food waste, make money

Grocery retailer makes a daring move by choosing to sell produce below the industry's cosmetic standards.

22 Jan 2013

California carbon trading scheme gets underway

Supporters hope state-wide cap-and-trade scheme could provide a model for the rest of the country

03 Jan 2013

Warren Buffett snaps up US solar farms in $2bn deal

Sage of Omaha agrees to pay between $2bn and $2.5bn for SunPower’s 579MW Antelope Valley projects

03 Jan 2013

Sony studios follow a greener brick road

Sony Pictures Studios, formerly MGM, switches to fleet to cleaner trucks

05 Dec 2012

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