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China passes strictest pollution laws in 25 years

Smog in Shanghai by Yee fung on Flickr

Government approves tough penalties for polluters as nation seeks to address rampant pollution

25 Apr 2014

UK companies have an opportunity to save lives while reducing their carbon impact

Lord Ashdown with Metu and children - photo UNICEF Bangladesh

Lord Ashdown outlines the benefits to UK firms of a UNICEF project to provide low pollution cook stoves to poor households in Bangladesh

23 Apr 2014

Reports: China poised to beef up national Environmental Protection Law

Boat in China

Reuters' reports suggest reforms to national environmental law will provide officials with sweeping new powers to tackle polluters

16 Apr 2014

Coalition beefs up Garden Cities plan

New prospectus and funding aims to help local communities move forward with garden city proposals

15 Apr 2014

Treasury claim that fuel duty freeze benefits economy ignores climate and air pollution impacts

Treasury study admits economic modelling "is not intended to capture the impact of a reduction in fuel duty through externalities" such as congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions

14 Apr 2014

Are China's coal emissions about to plummet?

New Greenpeace report predicts air pollution measures will also help tackle climate change

14 Apr 2014

Can governments stop pollution killing 29,000 people a year?

New Public Health England figures raise fresh concerns over EU's "woefully inadequate" laws to prevent fine particulates PM 2.5

11 Apr 2014

Very high pollution levels spark fresh calls for government action

Defra predicts some parts of UK will experience top-of-the-scale pollution levels as a result of dust blown in from the Sahara

02 Apr 2014

Let them eat coal

The coal industry is about to launch a major push to bring dirty energy to the world's developing countries, Kirsty Gogan argues that green businesses need a credible response

02 Apr 2014

Chinese smog insurance: travel agency offers air pollution policies

China's largest online travel agency has launched a 'haze-travel insurance package' for tourists to claim compensation for trips ruined by pollution

20 Mar 2014

City of London firms commit to air quality improvements

Land owners, financiers and food outlets among 18 companies pledging to reduce their impact on the Square Mile

20 Mar 2014

Paris launches car ban in latest smog crackdown

French capital bans 50 per cent of its cars from the streets in n attempt to tackle dangerous air pollution

17 Mar 2014

Beijing's smog-busting efforts conceal nationwide crisis

Attempts to rid the capital of the "airpocalypse" will have little effect on the rest of China, analysts warn

14 Mar 2014

Panasonic to pay Chinese workers pollution 'danger money'

Company becomes the first international firm to offer expat workers wage premium to compensate for impact of Chinese pollution

13 Mar 2014

Electronic cigarette brands target green production

Technology reduces litter, deforestation, and chemical output compared to traditional cigarettes

12 Mar 2014

China prepares next wave of environmental regulations

New report confirms plan to make polluters pay through strengthened environmental law

10 Mar 2014

Britain urged to tackle costly traffic congestion

New study reveals London drivers wasted 83 hours in traffic last year, up nine hours from 2012

04 Mar 2014

EPA launches smog crackdown with new auto emission standards

US authorities claim new standards will result in health savings worth up to $19bn a year

04 Mar 2014

Reports: China shutters factories as latest smog crisis escalates

Cities across the country reportedly enact new emergency measures in desperate attempt to tackle air pollution

25 Feb 2014

Not even the Queen escapes London’s dangerous air pollution

New figures reveal London hosts the UK's 50 worst nitrogen dioxide hotspots

24 Feb 2014

Has China's coal boom hit the buffers?

State media reports that growth in coal consumption slowed significantly in 2013

24 Feb 2014

EU launches legal action against UK over air pollution

Commission kicks off long-awaited legal proceedings over UK's failure to comply with air quality rules

20 Feb 2014

China announces $330bn water clean-up effort in latest environmental crackdown

State media reports major funding to be made available to help tackle water pollution crisis

18 Feb 2014

Nottingham council bus fleet to go fully electric

City to roll out 50 zero-emission buses after receiving £1.5m to purchase a further 11 vehicles

10 Feb 2014

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