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AC-DC Power switchover cuts marine fuel costs by a quarter

Engineering giant ABB reveals how a new onboard DC energy system is slashing carbon emissions and fuel costs at sea

18 Jun 2014

Tesco's rail and sea voyages cut transport emissions 14 per cent


Supermarket cut more than eight million freight transport miles from UK roads last year

02 May 2014

Shipping industry ditches barnacles for first carbon credit scheme


AkzoNobel and The Gold Standard develop system accrediting emissions savings generated by smoother hull coating

01 May 2014

Revolymer aims to deliver cleaner ships, in every sense of the word

Technology Strategy Board announces funding for two year project to develop innovative polymers that help get the barnacles off the boat

14 Apr 2014

Maersk Line lowers shipping emissions 12 per cent during 2013

Programme of optimisation, upgrades, and more fuel efficient vessels helps one of world's largest emitters cut its footprint

08 Apr 2014

Isle of Man floats greener shipping plan

Vessels employing energy efficiency improvements ahead of time will receive discounts on registration costs

27 Mar 2014

Canadian ports to reward green shipping

Port Metro Vancouver and the Prince Rupert Port Authority embrace new A-G rating for green ships

30 Jan 2014

Solar power: Not just for rooftops

BusinessGreen looks at the many innovative ways solar photovoltaics are being deployed to help boost energy security and cut carbon

27 Jan 2014

How emissions monitoring could save shipping industry millions

Transport & Environment urges EU Parliament to back tougher monitoring standards from 2018

10 Jan 2014

A truly rubbish boat trip

Plans are afoot to build a boat out of refuse and sail it down the Hudson River

04 Oct 2013

Climate change opens up Northwest Passage to commercial shipping

Danish ship traverses formerly ice-choked route from Canada to Finland, cutting 1,000 miles off the usual journey through the Panama Canal

01 Oct 2013

World's largest solar boat flies climate change flag

PlanetSolar sails into London to highlight its work to better understand the ocean's effect on the climate

03 Sep 2013

Shipping industry spies greener horizons ahead

Shipping companies are making money by tackling their environmental impact, despite the lack of a global emissions deal

31 Jul 2013

Bristol hails UK's first hydrogen-fuelled ferry

Hydrogenesis offers zero emissions voyage, while cutting air, water, and noise pollution

19 Jul 2013

EU floats plan to monitor shipping emissions

Commission says draft law would provide a "building block" towards a global solution to limit the sector's impact

01 Jul 2013

EU steering ships towards safer recycling

Levy on ships visiting EU ports could fund scrapping of vessels in EU-approved facilities worldwide

27 Mar 2013

Industry group launched to promote the Electrification of Surface Transport

Alstom, Nissan, and rail industry among the members of new group aiming to promote the environmental and economic case for electric transport

19 Mar 2013

Ferry operators warn of job losses from tougher environmental rules

UK Chamber of Shipping claims cost of new laws on sulphur emissions will make longer ferry routes uncompetitive

12 Mar 2013

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