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Microsoft signs major wind power deal in green data centre push


Greenpeace uses the move as another chance to criticise Amazon Web Services

16 Jul 2014

Ecosia snaps up Bloson to boost green e-commerce push


Green search engine acquires e-commerce app provider as it seeks to maximise funding for forest protection projects

14 Jul 2014

Apple extends solar farm plans


City of Claremont in North Carolina approves 100-acre, $55m solar farm plans from Apple to power its data centres

09 Jul 2014

Geldof, "Gaz" and "Leccy" to the fore as national smart meter campaign kicks off

Sir Bob Geldof launches new nationwide publicity campaign to promote the benefits of smart meter rollout

08 Jul 2014

IEA: $80bn wasted on power for online devices in 2013

Study finds modems, set-top boxes, printers and games consoles using as much electricity when on standby as UK and Norway combined

02 Jul 2014

Study: US households use more consumer electronic devices but less power

Efficient flat-screen TVs shrinking power use, but new ultrahigh-definition devices and games consoles may drive consumption upwards

01 Jul 2014

Deadline for green computers in Europe draws near

Hardware firms must adhere to new energy consumption limits from 1 July

25 Jun 2014

The rise of the machines

Self driving cars and automated homes could change society far faster than people realise, argues Trewin Restorick, and now politicians need to play catch up

20 Jun 2014

UK data centres poised to power up emissions savings

Sector expected to sign first agreements to improve efficiency in return for carbon tax rebates later this year

17 Jun 2014

Hudson Yards: A connected neighborhood grows in Manhattan

A central part of the $20bn Hudson Yards community will be a vast sensor network to track air quality, traffic, energy, waste processes and more

13 Jun 2014

UK smart meter rollout gathers pace

New figures show nearly 100,000 domestic smart meters were installed during the first half of the year

13 Jun 2014

Could electric car chargers one day help keep the World Cup on your TV?

Pod Point says charge management software could be used to take the equivalent of a medium-sized power plant off the grid by 2020

13 Jun 2014

Could smart meters help energy companies win back customers' trust?

Survey suggests consumers have greater faith in their supplier if they have more accurate bills

10 Jun 2014

Smart meter delay means promised green gains lower than expected, National Audit Office warns

Government insists good progress is being made although NAO finds net benefits of energy saving technology have fallen by more than £2bn

09 Jun 2014

Sainsbury's enlists Google to help tackle food waste challenge

New online tool will offer recipes to help customers take advantage of left over ingredients

09 Jun 2014

Cisco and Kansas City team up to launch smart city network

The city invites all civic-minded entrepreneurs to participate in its "living lab", as Cisco works on smart parking with Streetline

28 May 2014

Can Millennials and social networking lead us to a sustainable future?

Three forces that power the Millennial generation can help us triangulate on a promising future

23 May 2014

Dell advances green packaging, closed-loop recycling

Plans include pilot of Newlight's AirCarbon material and a desktop computer containing a minimum of 10 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic

22 May 2014

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