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Saudi Arabia invites companies to bid for colossal renewables contracts


Government publishes white paper detailing plans to install 54GW of clean energy capacity by 2032

22 Feb 2013

Report: Saudi Arabia touts $109bn solar strategy

Field of solar panels

Official tells local media work due to start on first solar farm early next year

26 Nov 2012

Reports: Saudi Arabia could ban national airline from EU carbon trading

airplane jet hedge aviation airport plane jet jetfuel aeroplane

Oil rich kingdom the latest nation to object to the inclusion of non-EU airlines in emissions trading

02 Oct 2012

Five green things we learnt this week

From green Lib Dem’s to climate change tackling Otters, we run down the best stories from the last seven days

28 Sep 2012

Holy city of Mecca turns to power of the sun

Saudi Arabian city will help meet national target to build nearly 40GW of solar power capacity by 2032

25 Sep 2012

EU "toughens" Kyoto stance as US drags its heels over green fund

Negotiators insist a binding deal must include developing countries, while reports suggest US may bail on $100bn climate fund

01 Dec 2011

Huhne jets into Saudi to talk down oil prices

Energy and climate change secretary argues British companies can aid Saudi's renewable energy development

05 Apr 2011

Reports: Saudi Arabia targets $100bn spend on solar and nuclear

World's largest oil producer wants low-carbon sources to meet domestic demand so more crude is available for export

01 Apr 2011

WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices

US diplomat convinced by Saudi expert that reserves of world's biggest oil exporter have been overstated by nearly 40 per cent

09 Feb 2011

Saudi Arabia inks Areva clean-tech deal

Oil-rich state raises prospect of reduced dependence on fossil fuels through use of nuclear and solar power

24 Jan 2011

Copenhagen optimism marred by Indian crisis and climate science row

As India's negotiating team lurches into crisis, Saudi Arabian delegation casts doubt on climate science

08 Dec 2009

Korea Gas to offer "clean" dimethyl ether as cooking fuel

$338m DME plant planned with eye to expanding into auto fuel market

09 Nov 2009

Saudis warn against dumping oil too early

Oil minister warns that failure to invest in new oil capacity would result in "nightmare scenario" should renewable technologies struggle to live up to expectations

12 Feb 2009


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