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Green trucks, green cars, and green canals all set for EU boost

Coca-cola tests biomethane Iveco lorry

European Parliament backs a raft of reforms designed to cut emissions and fuel use across the transport sector

16 Apr 2014

European Parliament approves green reporting rules for 6,000 firms


Large companies across the EU to face new non-financial reporting regulations, after long-awaited rules are passed by MEPs

16 Apr 2014

Report: One fifth of trucks on Europe's roads travel empty

Haulage lorry on a motorway

European Commission study calls for cross-border restrictions to be dropped so hauliers can operate more efficiently

15 Apr 2014

Can governments stop pollution killing 29,000 people a year?

New Public Health England figures raise fresh concerns over EU's "woefully inadequate" laws to prevent fine particulates PM 2.5

11 Apr 2014

Will the EU's new state aid guidelines derail green investment?

Commissioner insists no company will close down as a result of new guidelines that aim to reduce renewables subsidies

10 Apr 2014

New EU state aid reforms promise shake-up for decarbonisation efforts

Wide-ranging reforms aim to accelerate transition towards market-based support for renewable energy projects

09 Apr 2014

Tesco makes case for stricter carbon reporting rules

Tesco's Caroline Sindrey reveals how the retail giant gets value from reporting on its carbon emissions

09 Apr 2014

Potočnik: EU can become "global leader in sustainability and competitiveness"

Environment Commissioner highlights how eco-industries have grown about seven per cent a year throughout the financial crisis

08 Apr 2014

Role of the EU Industry to lead the green economy

Janez Potočnik's speech to the opening of the Industrial GreenTec Fair - in full

08 Apr 2014

How an ambitious waste strategy could slash the EU's carbon footprint

New report reveals how co-ordinated action to cut waste levels could create 750,000 jobs and deliver emissions savings equivalent to taking 40 per cent of cars off Europe's roads

07 Apr 2014

Europe set to shelve solar and wind state aid restrictions

Leaked draft document shows European Commission will no longer force 'deployed' renewables to compete in tech-neutral auctions

04 Apr 2014

Hinkley nuclear plant returns raise state aid queries

Carbon Connect report finds investors can expect up to 21 per cent return on investment from the UK's newest reactor

18 Mar 2014

Blue chips call for binding EU energy saving target

Philips, Siemens and GE among group of 31 firms to call on EU leadership to deliver more ambitious energy efficiency policy

18 Mar 2014

MEPs back plans to bin plastic bags

Legislation aims to reduce single use carrier bag handouts by 80 per cent over the next five years

11 Mar 2014

Ambitious green energy target could save EU €260bn

Wind industry argues that 30 per cent 2030 target would save countries billions in avoided fuel imports

11 Mar 2014

Brussels unveils plans to curb conflict minerals trade

European Commission plans aim to create voluntary self-certification scheme for imports of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold

07 Mar 2014

Is the EU set to crack down on conflict minerals?

European Commission poised to propose a new voluntary scheme that green groups fear will be too weak to drive industry change

05 Mar 2014

Nine out 10 Europeans see climate change as a serious problem

Support equally high for investment in energy efficiency and targets for renewable energy, according to new EU poll

04 Mar 2014

UK backs EU-wide green energy goal

But renewable energy industry calls for individual binding targets for member states

03 Mar 2014

Solar industry urges EU to rethink subsidy restrictions

European solar industry predicts planned auctions could derail efforts to hit 2020 renewable energy goals

03 Mar 2014

Reports: EU state aid probe for Drax biomass plans

Brussels launches "preliminary investigation" into £75m loan deal following Friends of the Earth complaint

25 Feb 2014

UK and Germany block EU green reporting rules

New corporate social responsibility legislation under threat after European Council fails to agree a position

25 Feb 2014

EU warns economy is at risk from poorly oceans

New report reveals escalating crisis in the marine environment

21 Feb 2014

EU launches legal action against UK over air pollution

Commission kicks off long-awaited legal proceedings over UK's failure to comply with air quality rules

20 Feb 2014

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