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EU Emission Allowance articles

EU carbon allowance surplus set to double by 2020

Emissions trading

Sandbag research suggests oversupply may hit 4.5 billion allowances, undermining drive to low carbon economy

15 Oct 2014

Carbon market continues faltering march into the mainstream


Survey of market stakeholders finds strong support for emissions trading system, but questions remain over its role in driving green growth

23 May 2014

Report: Global carbon markets set to hit €64bn in 2014

Smoking chimney emitting pollution

Analysts predict a temporary restriction of allowances will trigger a surge in the value of CO2 in Europe next month

28 Feb 2014

EU carbon market backloading fix set for March - but will it work?

MEPs approve early implementation of plan to withhold 900 million allowances from auction in bid to boost flagging carbon price

07 Feb 2014

Tata and Celsa Steel compensated in attempt to prevent 'carbon leakage'

Government confirms £16m paid out to help energy intensive firms cope with the indirect costs of EU Emissions Trading Scheme

08 Nov 2013

EU carbon markets set 'to be oversupplied until 2027'

Analysts predict 2.5 billion surplus allowances will take seven years to erode even with more ambitious climate policies

20 Sep 2013

Businesses call for action as new figures reveal impact of climate policies

Government insists package of support measures could offset up to half of the cost of green surcharge on energy bills

27 Mar 2013

Carbon price plunges again as Germany cancels auction

Analysts warn failed auctions are creating a vicious cycle which pushes prices down further

22 Feb 2013

MEPs reject backloading plan, carbon price drops below €3

Price of allowances hits second record low this week with little movement now expected before crucial committee vote next month

25 Jan 2013

Deutsche Bank execs investigated in carbon fraud crackdown

Five bank staff due to appear before judge after prosecutors raid offices across Germany

13 Dec 2012

EU proposes withholding 900 million credits to boost carbon price

Allowances set to be auctioned before 2015 would instead be sold in 2019 and 2020

13 Nov 2012

EU to unveil carbon allowance backloading details on November 14

Number of permits to be withheld temporarily from auction will be accompanied by 'menu' of longer term options to boost carbon price

16 Oct 2012

Businesses call for energy efficiency to be at heart of EU industry plan

Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry says energy saving presents 'agenda of opportunity'

21 Sep 2012

Carbon prices plunge yet again amid backloading delay rumours

Speculation that measures designed to tackle oversupply will be delayed until late August could drive prices below €6, analysts say

19 Jul 2012

Blue chips again urge EU to prop up carbon price

Prince of Wales's EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change calls on EU Commissioners to redouble green growth efforts

03 May 2012

Bloomberg: Stricter EU carbon target would cost you a few cups of coffee

Analysis suggests increasing EU 2020 CO2 reduction target would cost 0.03-0.04 per cent of EU GDP per year

26 Apr 2012

Bloomberg: World's carbon markets down 20 per cent in 2012

Record volumes of trading fail to compensate for plummeting carbon prices

05 Apr 2012

Updated: UK hands out first free aviation emission permits

Airlines with a registry account receive almost five million permits to help them comply with EU emissions trading rules

01 Mar 2012

Breaking: EU politicians approve plan to withhold carbon permits

Proposal to deal with surplus of carbon permits will be assessed by parliament and ministers after backing from committee

28 Feb 2012

EU vote expected to back plan to prop up carbon price

Energy efficiency directive would withhold permits to help reduce surplus, but final decision rests with ministers

28 Feb 2012

EU edges towards carbon price support measures

Amendment could see permits held back to reduce surplus following vote later this month

17 Feb 2012

UN carbon offsets hit record low amidst fears over “grey” credits

Analysts warn prices are likely to remain in doldrums for 12 months as certified emission reduction credits reach €3.32 a tonne

16 Jan 2012

Point Carbon issues 'very gloomy' forecast for EU carbon prices

Analyst predicts average EU allowance price in third phase of EU's Emissions Trading Scheme will be €12 per tonne

05 Dec 2011

Carbon markets plumb new depths as price falls below €8 a tonne

Analysts say record lows could worsen if Eurozone debt crisis escalates

25 Nov 2011

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